Update Galaxy S2 SGH-T989 to Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean (AOKP ROM)

Samsung does not seem generous with info regarding an official date for a Jelly Bean upgrade on their Galaxy S2 SGH-T989. And this is not their only smartphone that uses the old Android 4.0 operating system. Which is too bad. But there is a solution to everything.

With no data in sight, many consumers who own this phone have to find ways to get the update on their devices. And we are offering the aforementioned solution on this page. Which was created by Whitehawkx, one of the members of XDA Developers forum. This user is the one who created a guide that will help impatient users get the Android 4.1.1 version. Everything is done with the help of something called AOKP ROM. But since nothing is definite in this world, especially in the gadget world, we have to warn you that what we are about to tell you may not work as promised. So our readers will have to pay close attention and do everything accordingly. Most of all, they will have to remember that the instructions we will add in a bit work only, but only, if they own a Samsung S2 SGH-T989. If they have another model, they shouldn’t try this out on it.


are other pieces of advice to make sure that the process goes smoothly: bear in mind that we are not responsible if things go wrong. We are not responsible for any problem: you are doing it on your own risk. If you are impatient but also afraid of ruining your phone, don’t follow this guide. But if you are impatient and confident in this, no one is stopping you.Galaxy-S2-update

Before getting the 4.4.1 update, here is what you need (besides the phone): ClockworkMod Recovery already available and the following executable zip’s:

– (1.09 MB);

– Android 4.1.1 JB based AOKP ROM ();

– (1.21 MB),

– (gapps-jb- 20120726-signed . zip).

The next thing you must do is to be sure there is a backup involving every personal data you have on the phone. If not, a major risk is to see all your data go to waste if the update doesn’t get installed properly.

Important instructions

  1. First, copy the files from the links below to the device’s internal memory card (SD).
  2. Turn the smartphone off after you’re finished with the first step. Then reboot the device and choose to use the ClockworkMod option for recovery. Which is done by simply simultaneously choosing the Volume Down / Up, and Power keys. This will be followed by the phone’s recovery booting.
  3. Create afterwards a NANDroid data file with backup the of your actual version of the ROM.
  4. [sc name=”banner-jos”]The next step is to return to Restore/Backup and to select the Backup option. After that screen comes on, opt for Factory reset/Wipe info. You will then have tochoose this option at the next step of the installation.
  5. Return to the phone menu and choose the option to install the ZIP file using the SD card option. You must choose the ZIP from SD card option.
  6. After this step you must find the SGH-T989_DARKSIDE. SUPER.WIPE_EXT4 file. Another screen will come on and you will have to choose this option.
  7. Go back to the menu.
  8. You must follow again the steps six and seven. This time you must choose the files in this order: a) Android 4.1 based AOKP ROM, b) GApps files available here and c) SGH-T989_DARKSIDE .CACHE. WIPE. After this is done, return to the phone menu and restart the system once again. This step is going to restart the phone.
  9. After a full booting into Android OS, the device should be left to do its own work for 10 minutes. The final step of this process involves you reboot the phone.

After carefully following the instructions we wrote in the above paragraphs, you should be able to play around with all the niceties this Jelly Bean has to offer.