Update Galaxy S Advance GT-i9070 to Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean (Supressed ROM)

The list of unofficial tools that help owners of various gadgets update them with various operating system versions is now even more generous. Samsung’s Galaxy S Advance GT-i9070 is ready to receive Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean thanks to a custom ROM that its creator named Supressed.

If you, too, own such a smartphone and want to see it feature Jelly Bean as an OS, then you’re welcome to follow the requirements and steps included in today’s post here at DroidGator.com.


about this tutorial starts with some requirements. They are the tools which make for a successful update, rooting, unrooting and so on in any guide ever published. You need to have rooted the Galaxy S Advance before wanting it to feature the Android Jelly Bean.

Then you have to have a custom recovery image on the phone, use a comp with Windows listed among its features, charge the phone’s battery, make backups (necessary later), enable USB Debugging on the smartphone and turn every single security program on the laptop and handset off.

The warranty of the GT-i9070 is going to disappear; but you will be able to restore it by either reinstalling the official stock ROM or updating the phone with the Android 2.3 which is its default operating system.Galaxy-S-Advance-GT-I9070

Important instructions

  1. Prepare yourself for the first step of our tutorial. You are required to on your computer and connect the handset to it with the latter’s USB cable. Opt for the downloaded file and proceed to the second step: move the archive from the PC to the phone’s memory card is part of the Galaxy S Advance. Unplug the laptop and the phone and then switch the latter off. Next thing to do: restart into the phone’s Recovery mode.
  2. Step two needs you to use the phone’s Recovery menu then perform a Wipe by using the Recovery menu like this: choose Factory Reset/Wipe Data and opt for Wipe Cache Partition. Now choose Go back.
  3. Step 3 instructs you to get back to the phone’s recovery menu. When you are there, you need to choose Install zip from SD card.
  4. For the fourth step you have to opt for Choose zip from SD card and choose the update archive downloaded for step number 1.
  5. [sc name=”banner-jos”]Step 5: the update phase will be set into motion and you have to choose Go back.
  6. Last step: select the system restarting and wait for it to end. The phone is now updated to the Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean with Supressed custom ROM firmware.

How to get back

Should everything look disappointing, then you can turn things around with this small guide.

  1. Step one: restart the phone in Recovery mode.
  2. Step number 2: select the phone’s stock ROM and restore it. For the second step to work, you must have a NANDroid backup of the Galaxy S Advance GT-i9070 stock ROM.