How to Unroot AT&T Pantech Pocket P9060

Rooting your Pantech Pocket P9060 from AT&T may leave you with a bad aftertaste. And it may make you miss your device’s warranty, not to mention the settings you had on it before you subjected it to a rooting. For all of your complaints we have a solution which is very easy to partake in: unroot your phone with our guide.

If you look forward to unrooting the device, you need to be warned of the following: the root-only apps and other stuff won’t work after you perform the tutorial. But if you want to go ahead with the guide nonetheless, then be sure to do everything we instruct you to in it.


for instance these pre-requisites: the tutorial is meant for a Pantech Pocket P9060 which has been rooted with a method we already described on our site, gather the data on your smartphone in the form of a backup you must absolutely perform.

Use a PC whose operating system is only Windows and nothing else, use only the smartphone version we feature in today’s post, flash USB drivers for it on your notebook, turn on USB Debugging (which is something to be done like this: turn on your handset, open its Menu, opt for Settings, go to Applications, tap Unknown Sources and then choose the one we made a reference to before) and charge the smartphone’s battery if the unit is in dire need of that.

In case you are not aware: you can either use the device’s custom recovery image – be it TeamWin Recovery Project or ClockworkMod Recovery instead – as a means for backup or manually create a backup; Samsung KIES is another option, but not as great as the other two we aforementioned. Pantech-Pocket-P9060

A manual backup is better in the sense that you are left with the possibility, at the end of the guide, to transfer your device’s content to a different model made by a different manufacturer (however, this new device must also feature Android as an OS).


After the requirements above have been listed in the previous paragraph and you’ve followed each one of them, you can start unrooting your Pantech Pocket from AT&T. The procedure will not take a full 24 hours to complete.

If you follow the steps in our tutorial religiously, then you’ll have an unrooted P9060 in no more than 15 minutes (in case you are a pro; half an hour if you need assistance from someone who’s good with these things).

  1. Either way, here is how to begin the guide: download and afterwards save, on your notebook’s desktop, made for your handset.
  2. The data inside this package must, of course, be unzipped to the place where the same folder is downloaded, then you have to do as follows: plug the smartphone to your computer (via the USB cord of the Pocket P9060).
  3. [sc name=”banner-jos”]Next up: use the double click method on Superoneclick file, which is a very cool package.
  4. When you are done with that, open, on the same desktop of your laptop, the unroot app that is part of that package. In a matter of mere seconds you will be able to spot all the instructions that are going to smoothly unroot your device.
  5. For now onward, your only task is this: guide yourself by those couple of instructions. When done following them, your precious Pantech Pocket P9060 will end up unrooted. So there you go. We promised it wouldn’t take long, didn’t we?