Sony opens PlayStation Mobile store for Android

just opened a PlayStation Mobile store for Android. And they want the whole world to know.

The official release date for Sony’s PlayStation Mobile store for Android was today. The countries that will see it on their shores are the following: the UK, Japan, Germany, the US, Australia, France, Canada, Italy and Spain. For now, because other names will be announced soon.

Takahiro Matsumura, one of the Senior Vice Presidents, said that the Arrows tablets and smartphones made by Fujitsu feature Usability realized by human-centric technology. The fact that Sony is going to collaborate with Fujitsu to deliver a PlayStation gaming experience unlike any other is a great step towards adapting more to an ever-demanding gaming market.

Speaking of which, the games that are made available once the PlayStation Mobile store for Android launches are those which offer the following domains: Simulation, Adventure, Sports, Action and so on. And you will not have to pay a lot for them.

Itsuki Kouchi said that their wish is to make a gaming experience more exciting than before.PlayStation-Mobile-store

Sharp Corporation along with Fujitsu Limited planned on coming together with Sony’s PlayStation Certified license program. This means that people all over the world are going to be able to play with many different gadgets offering great gaming experiences at all times, no matter if they use a tablet or a phone. This strategy will also mean that the smartphone market in Japan is going to rise in shares.

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Next month will see a PlayStation Mobile Developer Program. The latter will be released in different phases. And it will come with an official version of PlayStation Mobile SDK. The idea of this program is the following: developers will be able to distribute the type of content they create via PlayStation Store. They will do that on a commercial basis. Which translates into making money. The countries that will see the PlayStation Mobile Developer Program are the ones we mentioned above, with more to be announced till the end of this year. The SDK has a license agreement of US$99 per year.

SCE wants to create new things by partnering up with the developers. They also wish to see more gadgets with PlayStation Certified written on them. One of the purposes is to offer the owner of a tablet or a smartphone, via PlayStation Mobile, new entertainment experiences.