Rumor: T-Mobile Galaxy S3 4G LTE to be released June 5

Galaxy S3 4G LTE, the model for T-Mobile, is rumored to have a June release.

At the beginning of this month, companies Samsung and T-Mobile announced that they would offer a cheaper version of one of the former’s smartphones. Its name: Galaxy S3 4G LTE. The price of the device is said to make it attractive for people on a budget. The fact that T-Mobile has just created a 4G LTE network means an upgrade on all the handsets they are offering, including the Galaxy S3 4G LTE.

Because of that, the T-Mobile Galaxy S3 4G LTE has every chance of being bought for less than the version not meant for this carrier. The Galaxy
S4 is already offered by T-Mobile
, so you won’t have to agree with an update done over-the-air, like in the case of the manufacturer’s Galaxy Note 2.Galaxy-S3

TmoNews were the first to leak the fact that the Galaxy S3 4G LTE for T-Mobile may cost $69.99. This offer could come with interesting subscription plans if you want it. According to this source, the smartphone is going to have a June release. More precisely: the 5th of June this year.

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Until the device receives an official release date set in stone, one can only hope it will sell well, considering the big success in figures of the manufacturer’s Galaxy S4. Which has Android in an updated version, more varied and better options and features, as well as better specs (plus a touchscreen that’s considerably more generous). However, if rumors are true, the great price of the Galaxy S3 4G LTE is going to be extremely appealing for folks who cannot afford something more expensive.

Apart from the T-Mobile version of Samsung’s smartphone, in 9 days’ time we shall see the manufacturer’s Galaxy Exhibit 4G LTE for the same carrier. This model belongs to the mid-range category with its affordable price. Tow of its most important specifications are the operating system and the CPU: Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and dual-core, respectively.