Root HTC Aria with Unrevoked Method

Are you after a very easy way to root your HTC Aria? Well, we have just the method for you. It’s called Unrevoked Method and with its help you are going to be able to flash customized ROM files in no time at all.

There are some things you need to do before you start rooting this handset. The first one is the following: access the Start button, then Control Panel, then Programs.

Once here, you must Uninstall the HTC Sync application. Then you have to perform a rooting, then a flashing process using a Custom Recovery Image.


To do that, you should follow some steps.HTC-Aria

  1. Here they are: first step tells you to download , then execute the Unrevoked file (if you have trouble locating it, on your Windows laptop you have to wait till a file called HBoot Drivers comes on the screen; when it does, click on it. Next: do what you are instructed to; this is going to start the installing process for ).
  2. The second step asks you to follow the guide about the installation of the HBoot Drivers and, after the installation of the program is over, the HTC Aria should boot into the HBoot mode. Once it does that, you need to remove the battery.
  3. [sc name=”banner-jos”]For step number 3 you are required to to return the battery to its former place, tap on Power and open your laptop.
  4. Step 4 goes in the following manner: execute the Reflash file.
  5. Step 5: for that you must run the file as system Administrator and wait till it launches Unrevoked.
  6. Step 6: wait again, this time until you see that the Reflash installer show the “waiting for device” message. Now go to the handset and activate the Menu. Once here, select the Settings > Applications > Development next and see if the USB Debugging option is activated.
  7. For the seventh step you need to perform a connection between the laptop and the smartphone; the HTC’s original USB cable is the best tool to connect the two. The cable will then find the handset.
  8. Step 8: you will see some instructions next. Do what they say. Only so will you have a rooted HTC Aria. And your smartphone will also feature a recovery image able to offer advanced access to your system.

If you decide to unroot HTC Aria, here is the procedure that you should use it.