How to Root Galaxy Trend 2 Duos GT-S7572

Galaxy Trend 2 Duos GT-S7572 can be rooted any time you want. It’s a procedure that we fully recommend. That is, if you dream of a faster, customized and superior device. Watch as we introduce you to the rooting tool that’s best for your phone!

If there are things you’ve always wanted to install on your smartphone and didn’t know how, SRSRoot is the perfect app to use. The reason behind its popularity resides in the many novelties it offers.

If you’re excited about what you’ll get in return for the rooting of your phone, we’ll let you know here. First, you have the possibility to unroot your handset with it if this procedure is not what you expected it to be. Then there’s the addition of custom ROMs on your phone any time you want. This procedure will deliver these next: faster CPU and root-only apps.galaxy-trend-duos-2-s7572

The benefits of this procedure

Another great thing to make the SRSRoot popular is this: it works with different Build IDs. So, even if we used one called JZO54K.S7572ZCAMG2, you can select another one. Also, this rooting app works with whatever Android version your smartphone may have. The 4.1.2 Jelly Bean is the one on this model.

From the moment you have a rooted device, you will also have customization tweaks. Battery tweaks are also included in the deal. Bringing the rear are these: new features, superuser and admin permission. Keep in mind that an SRS Server is powering the new tool. And that it can be used on various gadgets made by various brands.

There are very important files, programs and such on your Galaxy Trend 2 Duos S7572. They won’t be damaged if you want an update for the handset. Damage will also evade the phone’s internal and external SD cards. But the device will have to tackle certain loses. The warranty will be revoked as soon as the application is installed. If you upgrade your rooted smartphone, you will lose the system partition. Moreover, the full access will become unavailable.


The following instructions will prepare the phone for the rooting app:

  • one or a couple of backups to save your phone’s important data should be performed first;
  • a good idea is to create a full NANDroid backup, too;
  • USB Debugging must be activated on the handset;
  • use a laptop that’s equipped with Windows;
  • fully charge the smartphone in case of low battery level;
  • get USB drivers for the phone from this page on your computer;
  • disable the security programs that are installed on the Galaxy Trend II Duos GT-S7572;
  • disable the laptop’s security programs after that.

Step by step instructions

  1. This is the first step of our tutorial: click on this link. It will direct you to the website where a download button for the SRSRoot app is.
  2. When you’re on that page, tap this button and wait for it to get on your laptop. When the app is on the latter, you’ll need to have the app installed on it.
  3. When the application is open on your notebook, you’d better do this: activate, from Settings > Unknown Sources. Move on by enabling USB Debugging.
  4. However, if this option has been turned on previously, there’s no other thing to do than to initiate a connection between the phone and the notebook. This action must be performed only with the handset’s USB cable. Then have a bit of patience for a few minutes.
  5. Once the connection is finally established, your next step will be this one: initiate the rooting phase. To do that, tap the following option: Root Device (All Methods).
  6. [sc name=”banner-jos”]Another bit of waiting will be required here. Usually, this only takes 10-15 minutes. But if it takes longer than that, you have to make sure the guide is repeated. Then, when everything’s alright, move on.
  7. The last step to perform asks you to reboot the Galaxy Trend 2 Duos GT-S7572 when the rooting ends. And with this final action, you will end up with a rooted device!

Even if your handset receives full access to its core, you will maybe not enjoy the resulting novelties. In which case there’s always the same app to unroot your phone with.

If you think there’s something wrong going on during the entire process, we are here with a comment box. Use it should there be problems with the tutorial.