How to Root Samsung Galaxy S2 LTE SGH-I727R

Galaxy S2 LTE SGH-I727R is a suitable candidate for SRSRoot. The app we prepared for you will have your handset rooted very soon. All we want from you is to pay attention to this guide and its steps. That’s the only way you’ll be successful at rooting the phone!

Out of all the rooting options out there, the SRSRoot is one of the best. It contains all sorts of improvement tweaks as well as numerous goodies. They’re here to introduce you to a superior device from all points of view. As a plus, this tool is freeware.

When your phone’s accustomed to root access, you’ll have many possibilities with it. Such as using it longer; the SRSRoot app provides battery tweaks, and many of them. The speed of your handset’s dual-core 1.5 GHz Scorpion CPU will become that much faster. Once the device is rooted, its owner will be able to fully enjoy root-only apps. The list of goodies will grow quickly. Added to the batch of novelties are superuser and admin permission.Galaxy-S2-LTE-SGH-I727R

The benefits of this procedure

Bloatware or security problems will not exist. But these will: new features and customization tweaks. The SRSRoot can unroot the smartphone, too. Which, by the way, works with many Android versions. The phone has this variant: Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread. A Build ID is required for the device’s rooting; our pick was this: GINGERBREAD.RUXKJ7. The SRSRoot will accept many other Build IDs you may choose to use instead of ours. The Samsung SGH-I727R will experiment with these, too: custom ROMs.

You have to be warned: root access will be revoked if your phone is upgraded. The system partition will be deleted, but the important data won’t go through that. The smartphone’s warranty will not stay where it is. Rooting the phone means the loss of the warranty. The loss, however, isn’t permanent. You will get it back if you follow a tutorial dedicated to the matter.


If this is your first time rooting a gadget, let us tell you how to do it. But first, allow us to present some requirements. Without them, the device won’t be rooted correctly. Without further ado, we give you the following tasks:

  • your handset has certain USB drivers which are compatible with it, so first look for them on this page;
  • after you land on that page, download them on your laptop;
  • after they’re installed, charge the phone till its battery is full;
  • a set of standard backups has to be initiated;
  • when it is, a full NANDroid backup has to be performed as well;
  • Windows is the operating system your laptop should contain;
  • the security software that’s currently running on the smartphone has to be deactivated;
  • opn the laptop’s own security software and then turn it off;
  • activate the phone’s USB Debugging.

Step by step instructions

In order to experience root access, your Galaxy S2 LTE SGH-I727R must get introduced to our steps. They’re featured in the next several paragraphs.

  1. To properly begin a rooting, the laptop has to contain the SRSRoot app. This is why you should access this page and wait for a download button to appear. Then, once you see it, click on it. The app will enter the download phase.
  2. When the software is on your laptop, do this: install it.
  3. After it’s flashed there, launch it, then tap Menu on the phone. When done, tap Settings. Under the latter is an option which is called like this: Unknown Sources. This is the action that needs completed now: tap that option. Next task on the agenda: enable USB Debugging.
  4. Only do that if you haven’t activated the option already. Because if you have, you are free to move on to our next steps.
  5. Here’s one of them: create a connection between the laptop and handset. The latter has a USB cord in its shipping box. Use it to provide the plugging.
  6. If you are now looking at two connected devices, continue with the next set of actions. Be sure to perform this one next: tap Root Device (All Methods).
  7. [sc name=”banner-jos”]You should let the rooting unfold for the next 10-15 minutes. When the procedure taked longer than anticipated, all you have to do is this: repeat the steps. Activate Reboot System Now by tapping it. This will make your smartphone reboot on its own once the rooting’s finished.

Then, when the phone’s restarted, go and have a blast with the novelties! And don’t forget that the SRSRoot app is always available if you feel like unrooting your Galaxy S2 LTE SGH-I727R.

Under this post you’ll find a comment section. We added it in case you wish to ask questions about the procedure or signal problems while performing it.