How to Root Galaxy Core GT-I8262

Galaxy Core GT-I8262 has to face a rooting if you’re into something new for your device. If you are, the best method to use in this case is SRSRoot. Which is the exact same tool you’ll learn how to get with our post!

In case you don’t know how a rooting looks like or what it can do, we’ll provide help. For one, this application is a perfect example of a tool which roots your phone without causing you trouble. With this particular software on the handset, it won’t matter that it sports Android 4.1.2. The tool is suitable for this version and it also supports other variants. Your smartphone’s CPU, a 1.2 GHz Cortex-A5, will receive improvement. Thanks to this software, the handset’s battery life will improve considerably.

benefits of rooting

The BUILD ID this tutorial is based on is JZO54K.I8262XXAMF5 (also known as XXAMF5 official firmware). If you want, though, you can opt for another Build ID; the rooting will still happen even if you don’t use our own. This app also functions as an unrooting tool. Moreover, it is powered by an SRS Server and you’ll soon have superuser and admin permission. Once a device receives full access from the SRSRoot method, you’ll have various customization tweaks and new features. Other such novelties include root-only apps as well as these: custom ROMs.

When you’re the owner of a rooted smartphone, you’ll have to let several things go. Your phone’s warranty is one of them. If you found an update firmware and you want it installed on your device, problems will appear. Meaning that you’ll lose the handset’s system partition and then its root access. However, you’ll fortunately keep the data and internal / external SD cards belonging to your phone.Galaxy-Core-I8262


The Galaxy Core GT-I8262 requires these preparations before you start its rooting:

  • one or more regular backups are required for the data on your Samsung I8262;
  • a full NANDroid backup is required, too, so generate one;
  • go to USB Debugging on the handset;
  • turn it on after you find it;
  • take a look at your handset’s battery and charge it if that’s what it needs;
  • download USB drivers which are with the handset on your laptop next;
  • turn off the security programs used by the notebook;
  • you will also have to go to the ones on your phone and turn them off;
  • Windows must be the only OS incorporated on your notebook.

Step by step instructions

Now’s the time for step number one.

  1. It should go like this: download, from this website, the SRSRoot on your laptop. If you use a different site than this, your device will be damaged.
  2. Then, when you’ve opened that page, be sure to click on the button which says “Download“. After the right tool is on your laptop, time to have it launched; but first, install it.
  3. After this is over, you can do as follows: tap Unknown Sources. Look for this option in the Settings part of your phone.
  4. Our next step needs you to enable, in case you haven’t, this option: USB Debugging. Should you already have turned it on, you’ll just have to plug the smartphone to your notebook.
  5. The plugging won’t happen over night; so have some patience until the two are intertwined. As soon as they are, you need to simply begin the rooting of your smartphone.
  6. This requires you to perform this task: locate Root Device (All Methods) on your device. When you spot it, initiate it.
  7. [sc name=”banner-jos”]The process will be over in a matter of minutes. The phone should be restarted once the process is finished. If you don’t see any change in your device, you can repeat the guide. Only be careful to follow all of the steps we described above.

Once the Galaxy Core GT-I8262 is rebooted, you’ll finally see why a rooting is so important. Consider all of the goodies your device just received, then take a decision whether to keep the new software or not. Should you decide that you want your old handset back, you need to simply unroot it. As previously mentioned, the method to use for this is the same old SRSRoot tool.

If you run into any kind of issue while you’re rooting the phone, we have a comment section below. It can be used any time you feel like asking us something regarding the procedure!