Verizon Galaxy S3 update affects 4G LTE data speeds

It looks like the latest update for Samsung’s Galaxy S3 SCH-I535 made by Verizon Wireless will annoy many users who prefer using 4G LTE. Even if the update means many new features and ways of improving the user experience.

The recent update has, according to users, made data speeds for 4G LTE purposes slower. Some of the people who are complaining have also mentioned the following: their phone is stuck in 3G on a loop, whatever they do. Then there are those who said that they only receive at most 2 bars of signal in LTE. Not only that, but word has been going around that the new radio has also been messing with the same data speeds. Other than that, the update goes by the name of VRBMD3; the operating system of your Galaxy S3 I535 will continue to be Android 4.1.2. But the lack of stability is really an issue, so think twice if you want the update.galaxy-s3-SCH-I535

Here are some of the most important goodies brought by the update:

  • better Wi-Fi hot spots;
  • multi-window;
  • improved camera capabilities;
  • multi-screen.

There have been attempts at stabilizing 4G LTE data speeds; people have tried rebooting their handset, airplane mode and so on. No luck so far.


On the other hand, there are many among those who have grabbed the update who have no complaints at all. When you get the update, you will see that the network mode is going to be set to Global (by default, which has never happened before). So, if you are a daredevil, give that a try and see what happens. However, if you don’t want that kind of setting, here’s how to opt for LTE/CDMA instead:

  • go to your phone’s Settings;
  • choose More Networks;
  • tap Mobile Networks;
  • modify the Network Mode to the LTE/CDMA one.

Let’s see how things will turn out in the next weeks. Hopefully the problem gets solved soon.