Update Galaxy Young Duos GT-S6312 to XXAMB2 Android 4.1.2 Official Firmware

Ever since we found a perfectly good method of updating Galaxy Young Duos GT-S6312 to XXAMB2 Android 4.1.2 official firmware, we’ve been wanting to share it with you all. And now we can.

As soon as you charge the battery of the device, turn on USB Debugging, download USB drivers on your laptop, create backups using our guides for APN settings and apps and check to see if you’re owning a phone unlocked from fabrication, then you are ready to feast on our tutorial ahead.

Important instructions

  1. Which gets an introductory nod from step one: download Odin tool and to your computer. After they are both downloaded, your task will be to extract the first zip file and turn the Young Duos GT-S6312 off.
  2. Unless you select and keep selected the keys labelled Home and Volume Down at the same time and then press Power till the Android logo comes on the screen, your device will not be able to enter Download Mode. And we want it to get to that state. So, after you perform these actions, you will need to confirm by pressing Power. Launch ODIN on the laptop.Galaxy-Young-Duos-S6312
  3. The phone and the laptop should be plugged to one another via the USB cable arriving with the Young Duos S6312. After you see an ID:COM icon become a lovely color yellow and a COM number (the port) is present, then you can choose the following files that are required to be installed:
    – click on PDA; a file with CODE in its denomination is going to appear and you will have to choose it;
    – tap on Phone and MODEM should appear in the name of the file opening shortly; opt for it;
    – tap on CSC; if a file including the name of CSC comes on the screen, choose it;
    – tap on PIT; have patience till .pit comes on the display, then opt for it.
    However, you should just move on to the next operations if you see no files such as the four above.
  4. [sc name=”banner-jos”]Now, while you are in Odin, step four will ask you this: check F. Reset Time and Auto Reboot (should you previously have chosen the .pit file, then you need to check Repartition instead and be on your merry way).
  5. Click on Start and the update will begin its transition to your smartphone. The Young Duos GT-6312 will go blank, then restart and its home screen should appear next.
  6. Disconnect the device from the laptop and go to Settings; once there, opt for About phone. You will see if the procedure was successful if the XXAMB2 Android 4.1.2 official firmware is listed there.