How to unroot the Amazon Kindle Fire

If Amazon’s Kindle Fire is your tablet of choice, then you’ve probably already rooted it by now. If you didn’t, don’t mind this post. But if you performed that action and want your gadget as it was before, we prepared a manual on how to unroot it. It’s not rocket science, it’s as easy as the rooting process was. And, after you do it, your Kindle Fire will return to its default settings.


You must have noticed that your device does not have any warranty left now. What we are about to guide you with will get it back in no time at all. But you need to, first of all, check whether or not the battery is fully charged and if your tablet is installed with TWRP Recovery.

If everything’s alright, you can start the steps we will talk about

Important instructions

  1. They debut with the following instruction: download the and the from the World Wide Web.
  2. Then, for step number 2, you need to move the files we downloaded on a dedicated folder. The Fastboot archive must be unzipped in this directory. Immediately afterwards give a different name to the Stock ROM. It should be called
  3. Step 3 goes like this: activate the USB debugging option. This is possible in the following manner: go to the tablet’s Menu, choose Settings, select Applications and then opt for Development; after this tap on the USB debugging option.
  4. For the fourth step you have to perform the connection between the Kindle Fire and the PC used for this operation. The connection must be performed using the USB cord; then move the Stock ROM archive to the internal memory card, more precisely to the root directory.
  5. [sc name=”banner-jos”]Step 5: launch the Cmd window on your computer (by accessing the Start then typing “Cmd” in the empty area that will appear).
  6. For the sixth step you need to select the Command prompt then type type in “adb reboot recovery” message.
  7. Step 7 asks you do as follows: have patience till the tablet will enter into the Recovery Mode. At this moment in time you are able to perform the flashing of the stock ROM file. Go to the Recovery menu now.
  8. Step 8: once there, select these options: wipe cache, then dalvik cache and factory reset. In the end you must opt for Install.
  9. For step 9 you need to choose the file called Now the file will be flashed and your Amazon Kindle Fire is unrooted.

  • Monica T

    This method will work If I’ve rooted the tablet using other tutorial? I want to be sure before any unrooting action. Thank you for your helpful guides.

    • Catalin Nichita

      Hello Monica,

      I cannot be sure because I don’t know which tutorial was used for the rooting procedure. This guide will work if you have the tablet rooted using our guides.