Sony’s next Xperia phones Will use Triluminous Display Technology

Not only is word going around that Sony is hard at work on some new phones rumored to be called Honami and Togari, now the company announced a new technology. Its name: Triluminous.

This fresh technology will be used for future Sony smartphones; more precisely, for their screens. Triluminous makes use of nanocrystals containing quantum dots. Which will translate into superior contrast levels, brightness, colors and the like.

From recent reports, the two rumored new smartphones are not the only ones to receive the new display technology. The manufacturer is working on using the Triluminous tech on many more models from their various product series.

But let’s talk in more detail about Triluminous. Sony has said, whenever they’ve talked about it, that their latest display technology would be a filter which sits next to the White LED backlighting and the panel of the touchscreen. This means an improved color gamut, not to mention colors that are closer to the ones found in real life.

sony-xperiaA conventional display does not use something this grand. Textures and color tones will simply be richer and more amazing than ever before.

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We are talking about more shades from the following colors: green, red and blue. If you wish to take photos of your friends’ faces, the Triluminous technology will make them appear so much better on your smartphone’s touchscreen. Viewing angles will also be improved.

The fact that the technology is not as expensive to use on devices as the RGB LED backlighting one means a lot to manufacturers out there. And besides, even if it costs less than the other type of technology, the benefits that are offered are simply the same.

Apart from Sony, the only other gadget manufacturer to use such a display technology is Samsung. They were last heard working on its two years ago. So it’s probably high time they arrived with something that would rival Sony’s Triluminous offering.

  • Viktor

    This technology can improve radically the new Sony line of smartphones. I believe in few months they will be able to fight with HTC and Samsung displays.