How to Root Motorola Fire XT530

Motorola Fire XT530 is headed, with this guide, toward root access. The way to reach such a destination is by using a dedicated tool. We have the one that’s just right for your phone!

The root access you want for your handset will show up as soon as SRSRoot is on it. The app we discovered has a very good reputation. Particularly where device improvement is concerned. Getting in touch with this app comes free of charge. This and many other advantages make it a great choice for many gadgets. That’s right: the SRSRoot is available for all sorts of devices.

The benefits of this method

Your smartphone came out almost 3 years ago. Its other names are Motorola Fire XT XT530, Motorola XT531 and Motorola SPICE XT. Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread is its OS of choice. But this doesn’t matter where the SRSRoot is concerned. This special freeware goes with every Android version around. It takes a Build ID to help the rooting of your phone. When in doubt, you can freely use our choice: V4.35C. However, your choice of Build ID can be different to ours; if that’s the case, the app will fully support your option.

Battery tweaks, new features and customization options will greatly improve the handset. A great deal of benefits also come from the presence of root-only apps. There’s even more to expect from this application. This tool is powered by an SRS Server. It will make way for custom ROMs and a better 800 MHz processor. Let’s not forget these: superuser and admin permission, no security problems and zero bloatware.Motorola-Fire-XT530

Be ready to reach a rooted state and lose the warranty at the same time. A tutorial available for your Motorola Fire XT530 is appropriate for restoring the warranty.

Should you feel like updating your rooted phone, you’ll experience a deleted system partition. Second con: the root access will be revoked. Your phone may go through this damage, but its data stays safe. Also, the handset’s internal / external SD cards won’t experience that kind of damage.


Because this is an important procedure, the rooting needs particular requirements and steps. Below we’re addressing the former. As such, make sure you:

  • download USB drivers on the notebook by following this link;
  • when the download is over, install the drivers and open them on your notebook;
  • you should now enable, on the handset, USB Debugging;
  • backing up the phone’s important data makes sure you never lose it during the rooting;
  • a full NANDroid backup must be generated;
  • Windows has to be running on your notebook as its operating system;
  • disable, on the Motorola Fire XT530, the security programs;
  • urn off the security programs inside the notebook, too;
  • the smartphone’s battery has to be fully charged if battery levels are low.

Step by step instructions

The next thing you’ll be looking at is our actual rooting guide. It has all the necessary steps that’ll help get the root access. If any of them poses problems, you can leave your questions with us via the comment box under this tutorial.

  1. Here is our first step. It says the following: click on this link on your notebook. After you do that, a page with a download button will show up. This button must be clicked on.
  2. Following this action, the SRSRoot is going to show up on the notebook. After doing as such, the app should be installed and launched on that particular device.
  3. Once these tasks have been fulfilled, continue by enabling Menu and then Settings on the phone. What you need to do next is turn on Unknown Sources.
  4. No clue as to where this option is? After you’ve just enabled Settings, take a closer look under it. There you will locate the option we suggested you tap.
  5. All done? If yes, tap USB Debugging. The option was already mentioned when we recommended you to activate it for the pre-requisites. So, should you have already enabled this option, do something else instead.
  6. Like creating a connection between the notebook and your Motorola Fire XT530. To establish one, you need the help of your phone’s USB cable. The next important action looks like this: make your handset experience the rooting phase.
  7. [sc name=”banner-jos”]In order to enter it in that mode, find an option going by the name of Root Device (All Methods). Now leave the smartphone for no more than 15 minutes. This amount of time is necessary so that the device receives root access. If you should wait longer than required, we advise you to repeat the steps.
  8. In case the rooting doesn’t give you issues to deal with, restart the phone. If tapped, Reboot System Now will help you get through this step.

Your smartphone will soon let you get a glimpse at every single good thing about root access. If you just don’t enjoy the latter, require the help of the SRSRoot. The app will then allow your handset to return to its unrooted state.

  • thanks.. i will try this tutorial..
    by the way, can you give me a link ROM/Firmware for XT530? i was search, but always broken link. please help me. i want update my android from ginger to jelly bean. 🙁

    • Catalin Nichita

      Here you will find a custom ROM for your phone:

      The procedure is described here: