Will the Samsung Galaxy S4 have 3GB of RAM?

question that is on everyone’s lips these days: will Samsung’s Galaxy S4 offer 3GB of RAM?

Not too long ago, Samsung released a new smartphone: the Galaxy S3. It seems that they decided to start work on a version that they will launch next year. At least that is what rumors are saying. Which Samsung said are just that, rumors. But the thing is, these rumors are followed by various photos in which Internet users can see that the Galaxy S4 is going to have a new cam and increased RAM space (as in 3GB of RAM, more than the previous model). Which will definitely be one of the main attractions for this rumored smartphone.

Because the amount of RAM on the Galaxy S3 is known to make the handset freeze whenever the user would open apps, navigate some of the screens and so on. Still, the lagging is not severe. Still, more RAM never hurt anyone, did it?

The importance of Random Access Memory is crucial for a gadget these days. That’s because the RAM reads data, offers a place to stay for applications, runs screens and can be used as supplemental storage space for short period of time among other things of importance to a smartphone. Without better Random Access Memory, the Galaxy S4 may crash a lot of times if its creators don’t come with a superior alternative.


Samsung Galaxy S4 concept

That’s why 3GB of RAM sounds great if it’s true. It would imply better speed, for one. Should it turn into reality, users will be able to receive data and play around with the smartphone in a way that will not affect the pace at which the handset is moving.

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Any CPU on any gadget is instructed to access the latter’s RAM, analyze data and then react accordingly. In other words, it waits for the CPU to its job and then does its own job. In this scheme of things the internal storage space is not needed anymore to access instructions and data for the processor.

Another feature that is rumored to be on the Galaxy S4 is a 13-megapixel cam. This addition will please people who are avid photographers. And it will also put other smartphones at shame. Just imagine how many professional pics and clips you will be able to snap/shoot with such a camera. That is, if the rumor will become reality.

Until it does, the idea of a Samsung Galaxy S4 remains very appealing.