What to expect from HTC One Google Edition

One Google Edition is a smartphone that was announced today. Its release is set to happen on the 26th of June. The handset will offer stock Android 4.2.2 and you will be able to get it from Google Play.

The cost of this model is $599, because it it unsubsidized. If you live outside the U.S., chances are you won’t see this phone anytime soon. But HTC and Google will let us know more as time passes. Because the OS is Android 4.2.2, the UI will not be Sense; so you won’t be able to customize it. And, as soon as the newest Android version is ready, your HTC One Google Edition will get updated to it.

In terms of internal storage space, the smartphone will pack as follows: 32 GB; but the bad news is that you won’t have a microSD card slot to expand that. HTC-One

Radio bands supported by this model are LTE, GSM/EDGE/GPRS and HSPA/WCDMA. The carriers you can find this device on are AT&T and T-Mobile (for the U.S.) and GSM (outside the border). However, should you choose the T-Mobile carrier, 4G coverage will kinda suck. No word on Verizon offering the Google Edition.


Here is what you will no longer get to experience with the HTC One Google Edition: a power key infrared blaster, animated gallery, Video Highlights and a new type of indicator for their Beats technology. No one seems to know whether or not the smartphone will keep the usual FM Radio. Another bad thing: the way the buttons are lined up will continue to look weird on this handset, too. So you are going to still see two keys on the front: Home and Back. The way they used to work on the original HTC One will not change on this new phone.

We are still waiting to see what new development is in store for the newly announced HTC One Google Edition. Hopefully they’re on the positive side.