Verizon HTC One to be launched in June according to FocusTaiwan

Verizon has long been the talk of town because of rumors hinting at HTC One being chosen by them for a future release. The rumors are back again, especially after a Taiwanese analyst said that the device would become available on Verizon next month.

Everything is somewhat
, though. Verizon have not confirmed the rumors, but past and recent leaks make us think that the HTC One for this carrier will happen sometime soon. Then there were people who said that the smartphone should have become available a week ago. But that didn’t happen, so we’re back at square one.

The Taiwanese analyst, by the name of Laura Chen, reported to FocusTaiwan that the HTC One will arrive on Verizon pretty soon. The analyst seems to be of the opinion that HTC will finally come with phones that will make 2013 a great year for them. One of these devices is the One model. HTC-One

Laura Chen went on to say that the manufacturer will also prepare the three new gadgets which have been discussed not too long ago. The analyst also talked about a device with the code name of M4. According to her, this model may be the manufacturer’s One Mini.

Chen mentioned that the phablet which HTC was rumored to be working on is a sure thing and that it could become available this year. She said that the gadget might sport a 5.9-inch touchscreen. Other smartphones that HTC has up its sleeve are, according to Chen, Droid DNA and HTC Butterfly.

But what the Taiwanese analyst recently told FocusTaiwan should be taken with a grain of salt. The moment Verizon themselves say whether her report is true or not will be the moment we take her seriously. Until that comes to be, let’s patiently wait and see what both HTC and Verizon plan on revealing next month.