Upgrade Galaxy Nexus I9250 to CM 10.1.0 Jelly Bean 4.2.2 Final-Build ROM

Samsung Galaxy Nexus I9250 (International model) is the “it” smartphone for today. By reading this guide, you will get to know how to install CM 10.1.0 Final-Build ROM on it, since this custom ROM has all the features which belong to Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean.


best way to land this tool is by following a list of steps. Before you do that, though, we need to ask you to do the following: first of all root your handset, under no circumstance should you use a different handset than the one we mentioned, install a custom recovery image on the device, make sure you factory reset the I9250 (because if you don’t, your handset is not going to boot into Normal Mode and you will need to re-do the guide from the beginning), make a NANDroid backup via this guide, backup the data that is on the device right now, charge its battery, use the variant that comes bootloader unlocked, don’t forget to turn on USB Debugging and go to Google Play Store to get an app which helps you save the phone’s applications.Galaxy-Nexus-I9250


  1. After the pre-requisites have been looked upon, you can now start the tutorial by doing the following two zip files: and Gapps archive from here on your comp. If you want to unzip these two afterwards, you shouldn’t do it; instead, you have to plug the smartphone to the laptop (use the USB cord that arrives with the Nexus GT-I9250 International variant).
  2. After making sure the two are connected to one another successfully, you should do as follows: go to where the zip files are, take them from there and move them to the handset’s SD card root.
  3. Once the transfer has been performed, you will be prompted to take the USB cable out of the Nexus I9250 and then be sure the devices are no longer plugged to one another.
  4. You now have to switch the handset off, then enter it in the Recovery Mode. Your next action should happen like this: opt for Backup & Restore; this is the way to make a NANDroid backup so that if a problem appears later on, you can go back to the phone’s previous ROM with ease.
  5. While you are still the Recovery Mode, we need you to choose Factory Reset/Wipe Data, then quickly confirm the task.
  6. Then, when you are done, opt for Install zip from SD card. While we are here, we recommend you to select, next, Choose zip from SD card, then flash the CyanogenMod 10.1.0 Stable zip on your Galaxy Nexus I9250.
  7. Once the process is over, you have to opt for Choose zip from SD card and then install the Google Apps zip on the same device. Go back to the Recovery Screen after that.
  8. [sc name=”banner-jos”]If you are in that location already, then opt for the phone’s restarting option and have patience. As soon as you see a CM 10.1.0 Stable home screen, you need to input the data belonging to your Google account. The custom ROM will then await you with many new things to discover.

The Galaxy Nexus I9250 may take too much when it boots for the first time. In that case, you should turn the handset off and then go to the first step of the guide and repeat everything from there until the last step. If the device experiences a boot loop, do the exact same actions we just told you about.