Update Galaxy Y Pro B5510B to BVIMB1 Android 2.3.6 official Firmware

Galaxy Y Pro B5510B owned by smartphone lovers over in Brazil shall receive an update over the next half an hour (or less, if you’re an advanced user). For that, you should follow the tutorial we wrote especially for you and your handset. But keep in mind that, besides owning this phone model and living in Brazil, you should also use VIVO as your device’s carrier. Other than that, you will know more if you stay on this page.

While deciding what firmware to use in order to upgrade your Galaxy Y, we found one that met this phone’s requirements. We are talking about this new BVIMB1 official firmware. So, as you might have noticed already, the operating system that you’ll play with is the Gingerbread 2.3.6 one.

Which is great if you’ve looked for the latest version and you haven’t been successful as of yet. To make it easier for you to experience this OS, we made sure that our tutorial contains all the steps that are compulsory for a successful upgrade procedure. If you concentrate with all your might on them, you shall get the update soon and without problems.

So, after you make sure that your device is the Galaxy Y Pro B5510B one, you need to follow some requirements. But we haven’t told you about the nice advantages of having the new OS on your smartphone.

We are off now: your phone will have new apps on its app list, new features will also make themselves known, you will be able to search for custom ROMs of your liking and download them on your device for later use, the whole performance of your handset is going to become better, the way your device will look will become easy to customize and personalize according to your will and so on. But, most of all, the battery running inside your device is going to receive a boost, which translates into longer life for you to do everything you like for longer periods of time.Galaxy-Y-Pro-B5510B


all of the above in mind, you are now on your way to updating your handset. Here are the requirements which should also be considered:

  • make as many backups as you need to salvage the content of your phone;
  • apart from a regular backup we advise you to create a full NANDroid one, too;
  • enable USB Debugging on your smartphone;
  • make sure your notebook or your personal comp runs only Windows as its OS;
  • keep a hold of the USB cable of your handset;
  • charge the device’s battery unit;
  • switch off every antivirus software you have on your smartphone and on your laptop or comp;
  • install from here, on the notebook, USB drivers that are meant for your phone.

How to flash Gingerbread on your device

Your next task is simple: just follow the update steps that will come your way shortly. Before they do, however, you need to keep your laptop or PC open so that you can download the Android 2.3.6 BVIMB1 (download the VIVO version and the Brazilian version ) and then Odin 3.07 from this page on it. Now off to the instructions!

  1. The first one on our list sounds like this: extract the files from above on your laptop or comp, then be sure to switch your Samsung B5510B off.
  2. After that you just have to make sure that the device is booted into Download Mode by simultaneously pressing + holding these three keys: Volume Down + Home + Power; then remember to press Power as soon as the logo of Android appears on-screen. After the Download Mode is on, you can do the following: connect the two devices among themselves.
  3. Now continue with this task: wait for Odin to find your handset, which will be shown by an ID:COM going all yellow and a message saying “Added!!“. If not, you should retry by either flashing the USB drivers again or by using, this time, a different USB port. Move on by opting for several necessary buttons.
  4. First, tap PDA and after that look for a file with CODE in the name; when you see it, select it. Then tap Phone, choose a file that contains MODEM in the name and afterwards click on CSC; next up: opt for the file which comes with PIT in the name. Finally, look for PIT, click on it and choose a file with a .pit extension.
  5. [sc name=”banner-jos”]A series of boxes will have to be checked next; and they are the following: F. Reset Time, Auto Reboot and Repartition.
  6. When done, click on “Start”; this is the way to adopt if you want to begin the flashing of the upgrade file. The second you notice a message that reads “Pass”, wait for the phone to restart.
  7. When it does, unplug the two devices and enjoy your updated Galaxy Y Pro GT-B5510B running the Gingerbread 2.3.6 BVIMB1!