Update Galaxy S4 M919 to KitKat 4.4 KangBang Custom ROM

T-Mobile Galaxy S4 is is sure to have a go at the newest Android version going by the name of Android 4.4 by way of our guide. In which you will notice the presence of a custom ROM called KangBang that we chose for our update tutorial.

The new custom ROM isn’t the official version of the KitKat 4.4 OS. However, you will not have problems using it. We tested it ourselves and we encountered no issues. Despite being unofficial, this firmware sure boasts many awesome things you and your device can look forward to.

What matters most is that your handset shall perform in a much better way and its battery is going to keep on going for a much longer period of time. Apart from this, your Galaxy S4 M919 will deliver said performance in a stable way. More than that, this custom ROM lets you work with new apps, new features, tweaks to customize the user experience, better speed and loads more.

If you’re wondering about bugs and such: the KangBang custom firmware does come with some, but they will be solved when the KitKat will receive an upgrade. Besides, the bugs we mentioned won’t put your phone in grave danger, so don’t worry.

What may make you think twice about getting an update: you will encounter some issues with the screen rotation option, in the sense that it may remain stuck a few times; the IR Blaster does not put on a good performance, either. Just wait for the KitKat to be updated, like we said, and these problems will go away.Galaxy-S4-SGH-M919


on, we give you the requirements that make the process go smoothly:

  • root the Galaxy S4 with a compatible tutorial;
  • then get TWRP or CWM on it, from here;
  • turn off your PC’s (or laptop’s) and your handset’s antivirus programs;
  • make a backup following these tips (or more of them; include a full NANDroid backup, via this guide);
  • on your device make sure you access Menu, go to Settings, launch Developer Options and then turn USB Debugging on;
  • charge your phone’s very own battery;
  • move on to the steps that will upgrade your handset next.


When you see that the warranty of your device is no longer where it’s supposed to be, do this: update the handset with an Android 4.4 OTA firmware or downgrade the smartphone to stock Jelly Bean. Once you are done with that, you can proceed to the steps described in the upcoming paragraphs.

  1. The details of the first step are the following: when you are done downloading and saving the (file name: KitKat_KangBang_1.0.3_Master.zip) on your notebook or PC, you have to let the file unzipped and plug the phone to the other device.
  2. After the connection is done successfully, you can go to the laptop and take, from there, the update file and move it to the SD card root of your phone. Be sure to unplug your devices from each other if the transfer is over, then do as follows: power your handset off.
  3. After you do as such, get your Galaxy S4 in Recovery Mode and continue with this step: opt for Factory Reset/Wipe Data.
  4. [sc name=”banner-jos”]Soon after a wipe of the phone’s system has been performed, you need to choose Wipe Cache Partition; then select Wipe Dalvik Cache and go back, when you’re done, to the Recovery Menu.
  5. Now you will have to select these two important options: Install zip from SD card and Choose zip from SD card. After you do that, choose the file needed for the update. Flash it on your phone afterwards.
  6. Wait for the flashing to end before you restart your Galaxy S4 M919 by choosing +++go back+++ from the Recovery and then by rebooting the system.

The handset will then restart and have the KangBang firmware on it. To get your device back to its original ROM, you will have to go to the NANDroid backup file and use it.