Update Galaxy S3 SGH-T999 to Android 4.2.2 AOKP Build 4 Jelly Bean Firmware

Your love affair with Galaxy S3 SGH-T999 (T-Mobile) is about to get even more intense as you read today’s guide. That’s because you will discover lots of novel things once you update the phone to Android 4.2.2 AOKP Build 4 Jelly Bean Custom Firmware.

Before we reach that part in our tutorial, though, there’s this one thing which should be taken into account: requirements.


start like this: root the handset (a custom recovery image is a must here, too), turn on USB Debugging, generate a Dalvik cache wipe, install USB Drivers for this particular model, look at the phone’s battery and charge it if it requires that, make backups and use a phone which is factory unlocked.

Now that we’ve had our say in this matter, the next step is to follow the tutorial we promised. Which is where the following kick in.Galaxy-S3-SGH-T999


  1. Download .
  2. Then get Google Apps from here for step two. When they’re installed on your laptop, you have to connect the phone to the latter device.
  3. Step three is all about the following actions: copy and paste the files from step 1 and 2 to the phone’s memory card root. Now switch the Galaxy S3 SGH-T999 off.
  4. Step four needs you to unplug the phone from the computer and enter the former into Recovery Mode so that you can run a phone’s data wipe.
  5. When you’re done with that type of action, you should do what the fifth step tells you to, which is: find Flash zip from SD card. To opt for it you need to press Power. Afterwards you have to go for the option named Choose zip from SD card; the method that will help you choose it is this: press Power.
  6. [sc name=”banner-jos”]The next step, number six, will tell you to go to Android 4.2.2 ROM with the buttons for Volume.
  7. Opt for it with Power and confirm what you just performed. After the file is installed, you need to repeat this step; if you don’t, the GApps won’t feature on the Galaxy S3 SGH-T999. When everything is in order with the installation of the two files, you have to find +++++Go Back and tap it. Opt for the system restarting.
  8. The device will boot as a consequence. As soon as the booting is over, your smartphone will be filled with the required update. Make sure the latter really is on the S3 SGH-T999 by accessing Settings and then going to About phone. The update to Android 4.2.2 AOKP Build 4 Jelly Bean must be present here.