Update Galaxy Mega 6.3 I9200 to UBUBMJ1 Jelly Bean 4.2.2 stock firmware

By reading this tutorial you will find out precisely how to update your personal Galaxy Mega 6.3 I9200 to Android 4.2.2 stock firmware. Don’t worry: the procedure is relatively simple and we will be here all the way to guide you.

The basics of an update (and this guide to help you out) consist of you carefully dealing with the steps that are contained in this post. Just so you know, before these aforementioned steps you will also notice a bunch of crucial requirements. They are here to facilitate the procedure.

The tool that we are updating your I9200 to is Jelly Bean 4.2.2 UBUBMJ1 official firmware. It will work only with the phone model that is owned by someone from Brazil. In our guide you will see the exact address required to get this firmware from. Once you download this tool on your laptop, you are free to follow our update tutorial.

But what does the new stock firmware do for your smartohone? The most obvious thing: it sends all the features that make the Jelly Bean OS so popular. Second advantage lies in the fact that you will also enjoy a longer lasting battery unit as well as new apps.

The other stuff you should expect from this firmware: tweaks to make your handset behave and look like you’ve always wanted to and a performance to make you proud and grateful. New custom ROMs will also get to feature on your device if you’ve never had one. This firmware is also notable for featuring no security issues but loads of stability and good speed.Galaxy-Mega-6.3-GT-I9200


nothing’s stopping you from getting the new XXUBMJ2 official firmware on your Samsung Galaxy I9200, you should now proceed to finding out all about our pre-requisites. Which are detailed below so that you can follow them accordingly:

  • charge the battery of your smartphone until it’s 100% full;
  • don’t stay away from your laptop or PC (which should come with Windows as the operating system);
  • look for the USB cable of your phone and keep it near you;
  • create a standard backup (or more) and a full NANDroid one;
  • flash USB drivers for this handset from this page on the PC or notebook;
  • if your notebook (comp) and your smartphone use many security programs, you must turn them off for this guide;
  • turn USB Debugging on.


Speaking of which: we are finally unveiling the steps that shall have the update file on your phone in no time at all.

  1. The one that puts the tutorial into motion is this: download Odin tool from here and the new Jelly Bean firmware from (file name: I9200UBUBMJ1_I9200ZTOBMJ1_ZTO.zip) on the laptop or comp you are on right on. After you have both files saved on the device, we recommend you to unzip them on the same notebook or PC.
  2. When these tasks have been performed as instructed, you have to turn the smartphone off and then have it boot in Download Mode. The method we like to use for this part should happen as follows: press and hold Volume Down, Home and Power at the same time, stop as soon as Android’s signature logo pops up and press Power afterwards.
  3. When this is all done successfully, we advise you to plug your Galaxy Mega 6.3 to the second device, then see whether or not the Odin recognizes the laptop or comp; if it does not, in which case you won’t see a yellow ID:COM box or an “Added!!” message, you have to employ another USB port or install the USB drivers again.
  4. Now that the handset is connected to your comp or laptop, it’s best to do this: click on PDA, opt for a file with a CODE in it, tap Phone and choose a file which has MODEM in it, click on CSC, opt for a CSC-named file, click on PIT and choose a file with a .pit extension.
  5. [sc name=”banner-jos”]You will soon come across some boxes; check, from among them, the ones whose names are these: Auto Reboot, Repartition and F. Reset Time. Next up we have this task for you: tap “Start” and then watch as your phone goes through the flashing of the upgrade firmware.
  6. You will, once the installation process is over, that your device’s displays has a “Pass” message on it; the handset is going to restart after it displays the latter, so make sure you disconnect the smartphone from the laptop.

Your Galaxy Mega I9200 has just been updated to the new UBUBMJ1 Jelly Bean 4.2.2 firmware !