Update Galaxy Core Duos GT-I8262B to Android 4.1.2 VJAMH1 Official Firmware

Galaxy Core Duos I8262B has a loyal fan base in Brasil. This means that we are directing this guide to you who are reading us from Brazil and want to update your phone to Jelly Bean 4.1.2 with VJAMH1 official firmware released in October 2013 if you’re using Claro as your handset’s carrier.

The new firmware that you’ll install on your smartphone has its KIES logo activated. So, besides using our tutorial for the upgrade, you can opt for experiencing the process with KIES, but be sure to have a custom ROM running on your device. If you can’t bring the update file with an OTA (over the air) method via the Software
Update button located under Settings menu, our guide is open to you.

Tip: use our tutorial only if your smartphone is called Galaxy Core Duos GT-I8262B. If it’s a different version, you risk bricking its firmware and other important things. You need to be careful of another thing: if you use a rooted handset, the root access will be revoked after the device is updated to the new firmware. The internal and external SD cards are not going to be affected by the process; same with your smartphone’s important files, which will not be erased from it. The phone’s system partition, though, will be affected.

Coming up next: what to look forward to once the update has been applied. As soon as the device encounters the new Android 4.1.2 VJAMH1 official firmware, your handset will last longer, deliver stability, experience an enhanced performance overall, feature tweaks to make customization possible, sport new apps and new features, deliver better speed and more.Galaxy-Core-Duos-GT-I8262B


The upgrade needs, first, some requirements. Here they are:

  • your laptop or computer must have Windows among its specs;
  • download, on it, Odin tool 3.07 from this location and the new I8262BVJAMH1 stock firmware from ;
  • enable, on your phone, USB Debugging;
  • the security programs running on your laptop and phone must be deactivated for the tutorial;
  • flash from this page the USB drivers for the handset on your notebook;
  • create a regular backup via this short guide and a full NANDroid one, following these instructions;
  • charge your handset’s battery.


It’s now your turn to follow the steps below if you want to have an updated Galaxy Core Duos GT-I8262B.

  1. Keep your laptop or PC open because you need to extract the Jelly Bean 4.1.2 VJAMH1 and the Odin on its desktop. Afterwards do this: press and hold Volume Down, Home and Power together and then press only Volume Up once the Android logo pops on the screen.
  2. The Odin will have to be launched as Admin, then you have to connect, with the phone’s USB cable, the Samsung I8262B to your notebook. The connection between your two devices will happen only when you are shown an “Added!!” message along with an ID:COM box in yellow. If no message and no box appear, we advise you to try one of these methods: make sure you use a different USB port or install, again, the USB drivers.
  3. Next couple of actions should go something like this: click on PDA, go for that one file which has CODE in the name, then tap Phone and opt for a file which should have MODEM in the name. Now make sure you continue by doing the following: tap CSC and opt for a file with CSC in the name. Then click on PIT and choose a file which needs to contain a .pit extension.
  4. After you tap and select the previous buttons and files, you can go ahead and check three boxes that have Auto Reboot, Re-partition and F. Reset Time written next to them. Then tap “Start“. This is how the flashing of the new stock firmware will start.
  5. [sc name=”banner-jos”]You will, in a matter of minutes, be greeted by a “Pass” message and the home screen of your device after it restarts. Disconnect the phone from your PC or laptop next.

The Galaxy Core Duos GT-I8262B is updated to the Android 4.1.2 VJAMH1 official firmware. Discover this tool in About Phone; this section is in the Settings option.

Try it out and, if you dislike it, you can do this: use the NANDroid backup file to revoke the upgrade and restore the smartphone to the previous ROM which you liked.

In case there’s any issue, you can leave a comment in the comment section below.