Shadowgun, Asphalt 7 and Modern Combat 3 for free for Galaxy S3 owners

If you use the Samsung Galaxy S3 and need some neat games you won’t have to pay for, you are offered a great opportunity: instead of just one, you can download 3 games. And they won’t cost a thing.

But you cannot download the game of your choice. Rather 3 that have already been chosen by Samsung themselves. But they are, according to popular belief, among the ones with the best reputation. Their quality is also, according to sources, really good, because they can be played in high definition. These free games are the following: Shadowgun, Asphalt 7 and Modern Combat 3. The games are all to be found in the Google Play App Store.

From what is known so far from users who have already tried them, neither of the Asphalt 7, Shadowgun: The Leftover or Modern Combat 3 comes with problems like bugs and so on.

The Galaxy S3 still runs on the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich OS. Until the 4.1 Jelly Bean version appears (which should happen soon), you can enjoy these free of charge games via help provided by a custom ROM. Its name is XXDLI5. But, if you get it on your Galaxy S3 I9300 model, it is going to void your phone’s warranty. This one has just recently been offered to people wanting the newest Android operating system on their phones. Its creator says that its stability is the best so far for a smartphone.Shadowgun

link where you can download the Shadowgun: The Leftover game for free is .

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For the other games you will have to go here and check if your country is supported for the Asphalt 7 and the Modern Combat 3 games.

Ever since Samsung launched their brand new Galaxy S3 this year in July, a total of 20 million units have been sold so far. Which is more than even what was expected by the company itself. And it’s happening faster than was hoped for when we think of the previous S2 which needed 10 months to be sold in the same number of units as the S3 is now. To make it more easy to understand: 200,000 S3 smartphones are sold daily. Which is a very good number compared to the sales that the Galaxy S2 currently has.

But the arrival of the iPhone 5 will mean more work for Samsung. The South Korean company wishes for the Galaxy S3 to become better than their rival’s new creation. Maybe they will see their wish fulfilled, as not many smartphones consumers were really convinced by the latest iPhone 5 and what it can do.