Samsung releases its first Galaxy camera

have just launched a camera. But not any old camera.

The South Korean manufacturer is full of surprises, as always. After releasing the Galaxy S3 smartphone not too long ago, they have now come with another product in the Galaxy series: a camera. And AT&T will feature it.

The Galaxy Camera will offer, thanks to the following specs, a very enjoyable experience filled with quality photos. Or so we’ve heard from the manufacturer. Here are the specifications: a 4.8-inch HD Super Clear LCD display, a quad-core 1GHz CPU, the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean operating system, a 21x optical zoom system and a superbright 16MP BSI CMOS sensor. Out of these, the most praised one is the sensor, because it helps you use the cam when the light is low; or when you want to snap a pic from a very close angle. The device is also stocked with various features. One of them, called Smart Pro Mode, was added so that the owner can take a photo of great quality via toggling. Internet connectivity is possible via AT&T

There are also share features on board the Galaxy Camera. 3 of them, to be precise: Buddy Photo Share, Share Shot and AllShare Play. The former tags the faces that it finds on contacts in your phone or tablet automatically. The AllShare Play share feature tries to see if there are gadgets using your Wi-Fi network; it then analyzes whether they want to be sent video or pic files.

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If they do, you are able to, via a smart TV, access different files from this cam with them. And it’s all done remotely. Finally, the Share Shot feature is capable of easily send a still photo from this device to either a Galaxy Note or an S3 model. Even if they are located 200 feet away from each other.

Dale Sohn, President of Samsung Telecommunications US, is of the opinion that Samsung created something to make an important impact on how people share content these days. And AT&T will facilitate this experience. In his turn, Chris Penrose, senior vice president, AT&T Emerging Devices, said that a camera which can communicate via Wi-Fi is going to help consumers share clips, pics and the like in a better and faster way than ever before.

There hasn’t been a single word on how much Samsung’s Galaxy Camera will cost. However, the device will become available in a short while.