Samsung Plans on Shipping 10 million Galaxy S4 Smartphones in First month

News has it that Samsung is about to ship a grand total of 10 million Galaxy S4 phones from its first month of being launched on the market onward. The manufacturer wants to sell the phone to as many as 50 countries. Plans are even bigger, though, since the company is set on delivering their latest smartphone in 70 million copies by the end of 2013. Something which is not surreal to imagine, because the phone is heavily anticipated by many.

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the South Korean manufacturer is rumored to ship 30 million Galaxy S4 devices by the end of June. The total number of carriers that will offer the phone is also impressive: 327.

All of this means that Samsung is headed in the right direction. Even HTC’s One model will not be able to defeat Samsung in this. Or at least that’s what specialists are saying. Samsung-Galaxy-S4

Next month alone will see 5 times as many Galaxy S4 smartphones shipped worldwide. Pre-orders for this handset are already available on AT&T. T-Mobile plans on offering this model on the 1st of May. The 27th of this month will see the phone available on Sprint, too.

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In terms of design, the Galaxy S4 will sport the exact same plastic body as its predecessor, but its hardware and software will make up for that big time. We are talking about a 5-inch HD 1080 touchscreen, motion control technology, a 4+4 Exynos Octa CPU with 4 high-frequency cores plus 4 low consumption cores (the model slated for North America is going for a quad-core Snapdragon CPU instead) and many other offerings.

Mark Sue, analyst at RBC Capital, thinks that Samsung is going to win against its biggest rival, Apple, in the sales department. However, that remains to be seen, especially since the American company will unveil an iPhone that is more affordable than their iPhone 5S.