Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Edition available only in the US

Google’s announcement regarding a Samsung smartphone that would be a stock version made users very happy. However, the Galaxy S4 Google Edition, the phone that had people in high expectations, will land, , in the U.S. first. Which could actually be the only region the handset is made available in for a couple of months.

June will be the month that the Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Edition will be launched in. It will be available from Google Play Store for a price of $650 upward. So far, neither Samsung nor Google said anything about other parts of the world that could catch the new smartphone in the future. But, from what happened with Nexus handsets in the past, one can safely assume that the Google Edition of the Galaxy S4 is going to come out in the rest of the continents as well. Galaxy-S4-Google-Edition

But we’ll just have to wait and see when that will actually happen. But, if only people over in the U.S. will get to own this handset, what will happen to those outside America? A solution could be to import it. Or you could just buy it from popular sites such as Amazon or eBay.

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The only info that’s been revealed about the Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Edition comes from Hugo Barra of Google. According to him, the device is more of a project that came to happen at the very last second. That and the fact that it should be going live next month. But apart from that, and the expensive price tag, the phone remains a mystery as far as specifications, features and options go. Another manufacturer who might be working on a similar developer smartphone is HTC. They are rumored to plan an HTC One Google Edition.

Folks in the U.S.: prepare for the Samsung Galax S4 Google Edition in June. People in other places: you could see this phone in the next months. Or maybe never. We will need to have patience and wait for more news from either Google or Samsung.