Samsung Galaxy S3 Vs Apple iPhone 5

the iPhone 5 has already been launched to more or less positive reviews, here’s our take on it compared to Samsung’s very popular Galaxy S3.

The design of these two rivals is not the same. Even though the iPhone 5 is now longer than the 4S version. But it is thinner than the Galaxy S3. Which is 8.6mm thick compared to the 7.6mm thickness of the iPhone 5. The plastic finish of the Galaxy S3 is not very appealing compared to how the Apple device looks like.

The specifications

The kind of processors used on each of the devices is not similar to one another. Because the iPhone 5 runs on an Apple A6 chipset (and that is all that’s known about it; except that the company complimented it by saying that it is faster than the one on the 4S smartphone). The processor that the Galaxy S3 offers is a quad-core 1.4 GHz Cortex-A with an Exynos 4412 chip. Which is considered to be among the best ones.

The Galaxy S3 has a Super AMOLED 4.8″ touchscreen. In comparison, the iPhone 5 features a 4″ display. Which is nowhere near as grand as the one on its rival. However, it is an IPS model. Which translates into loads more natural-looking content. Even so, the Super AMOLED on the Galaxy S3 can deliver superb colors; and also very good black response. But the fact that the display is smaller on the iPhone 5 will mean more comfort while holding it.galaxy-s3-vs-iphone-5

Pros and cons

A con that the Galaxy S3 drags with it is has to do with its earphones. They are more common than the headphones on the new iPhone. In the sense that they have the usual IEM technology which keeps noises away; and there are a power adapter and one microUSB charge cable. On the other hand, the headphones offered by Apple for their iPhone 5 don’t have rubber tips and are small. They also look better than Samsung’s earphones. The other elements featured with them are a Lightning power cable and a Thunderbolt computer port. They both look and feel superior to what the Galaxy S3 offers.

The camera that the Galaxy S3 smartphone sports is an 8MP one. With all of its significant features, the quality of photos and clips looks superb. Speaking of which, its features are the following: a LED flash, 1080p video capture, image stabilization and touch focus. Compared to that, the camera on the iPhone 5 is not capable of the same performance. Because it’s an 8MP one with not many notable features. You get backside illumination, an f/2.4 aperture, LED flash and a 5-element

The iPhone 5 has a connector. This one is the link between the phone’s latest 8-pin and the old one. The Galaxy S3, however, is different to Apple’s newest creation: it never needs sync software if the owner wants to transfer a file directly. You will never see that with the iPhone 5.

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But the latter has something that its competitor doesn’t: it sports that 8-pin connector instead of the older 30-pin one. But this also has disadvantages. The device will not work with the company’s docking accessories made for the 4S version.

Should you want to send photos, favorite songs and so on from your laptop to the iPhone 5, you have to do that via iTunes. That’s because this phone has no way to expand its memory.

Samsung’s Galaxy S3 has other two things that differentiates it from the iPhone 5. The first pro: it can output videos in high definition and let the user enjoy surround sound quality by plugging it to an HDMI port. Because this smartphone complies with MHL. The second advantage is that it comes with the microUSB standard. Which means that it allows the owner to employ microSD cards.iphone-5

In the battery department, the Galaxy S3 can last longer than the previous S2. But so far, nothing certain is known about the capacity that the battery on the iPhone 5 has. What the company who made it revealed was the length of its life: 40 hours of audio and 8 hours of talk time. Which are both excellent values.

Whichever of the two smartphones you will choose to buy will solely depend on your needs. Because each of these two smartphones, the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the Apple iPhone 5, caters to different consumers. Like all gadgets.