Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 now shipping to the U.S.

Galaxy Mega 6.3 will no longer be missing from U.S. stores. The manufacturer has announced today that their smartphone is going to be shipped to the U.S.

This model was unveiled for the first time a couple of months ago. Back then, Galaxy Mega 5.8 also saw an official announcement together with its sibling. After the two saw the light of day, there were many rumors that seemed to think that the smartphone would be available in the U.S. for American carrier AT&T. But two months later, the carrier has not said anything about whether or not they would offer the Galaxy Mega 6.3 anytime soon. Even the South Korean manufacturer has kept silent on the matter.

Now here we are, finding out that Samsung will ship this particular handset to the American market. And we’ve recently found out that the smartphone is set to arrive unlocked. There is no official price tag for it, but since it won’t be available on a contract, you should probably rob a bank to afford. OK, we’re joking, it shouldn’t be as expensive as other smartphones out there. But you will probably have to spend around $595 for your very own copy of the Mega 6.3.Galaxy-Mega-6.3-GT-I9200

Because we have them, here are this phone’s specifications: a 6.3-inch touchscreen as mentioned already in its official name, 1.5 GB of RAM, a dual-core 1.7 GHz CPU, 8 GB of internal storage space, a 3,200 mAh battery, 720p of resolution, one microSD card slot if you want extra storage space and two cameras.


One of the cams is 8MP (and you can find it on the back) while the other one is 1.9MP and it is pasted on the phone’s front side. The Galaxy Mega 6.3 weighs 199 g, which will make it very easy to hold and also to use. The body of this smartphone is 167.7 x 88 x 8.0 mm. These measurements make it rather large for people with small hands. But considering there’s a big touchscreen, this shouldn’t come as a surprise.

As for operating system, you will experience Google’s Android 4.2 Jelly Bean variant. The user interface is, thus, the TouchWiz one. The handset offers support for HSDPA and also GSM 850/900/1800. If interested, you can get the smartphone on Expansys.

There are still many things to know about this whole Galaxy Mega 6.3 being shipped to the U.S. Like, for instance, when will that happen? And what carrier will offer this model? We will answer these questions as soon as we find out more on this phone.