Rumor: Samsung to come with Galaxy S4 Mega?

interesting has been spotted not too long ago about Samsung and a new device they might launch this year.

If you pay a visit to the manufacturer’s WatchON application, you will see that it has received an update recently. This update has to do with various items of interest to fans of the South Korean brand. But among these important things, one can see a gadget going by the name of Galaxy S4 Mega. This does not necessarily mean that the company will reveal a new device any time soon, but it does raise eyebrows. Or Samsung may very well have made a mistake.

One thing that is for certain in the circle of Samsung people is this: the manufacturer wants to come on the market with a series that should be called Galaxy Mega. And they wish to make that happen sooner rather than later this year. So the mistake can turn out to be something of importance that will be revealed when the company wants it.

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So far, Samsung have confirmed, with this update, the following devices: Galaxy S4 Mega, Galaxy S4 Mini and Galaxy S4 Active. A quick visit to the WatchON application reveals the fact that the updates which were recently operated include the following: device setup flow that is loads cleaner, fixes to bugs that came with the previous app version, fixed problems which were encountered on the user interface in the past, a different way of control based on activity, better streaming media player, an improved lock screen widget, better TV/AV Receiver input setup, improved support for upcoming S4 Mega (which sparked the whole rumor), S4 Mini and S4 Active and many other great improvements that you can check up.

Since the question whether or not Samsung is preparing a new smartphone for its users has yet to be answered, we are very much looking forward to what the manufacturer will officially confirm next. And in the meantime we will look into the rumor of the Galaxy S4 Mega more.Galaxy-S4-Mega-screenshot