How to Root the Viewsonic ViewPad 7 VS13761

We at have a tutorial where we will spill the beans on how to root Viewsonic ViewPad 7 VS13761 in the most appropriate way possible.

Which means you get to have a tablet that you will get to love even more once you’re done with the steps in this post.

Wasting no more precious time, your tablet with that frustrating Android Froyo OS will get a makeover only if you consider the requirements and steps in this tutorial. When it comes to rooting procedures, though, you need to take into account the loss of the tablet’s warranty; as usual, you will get it back on the gadget by either unrooting the Viewsonic ViewPad 7 VS13761 or by flashing firmware update released by the device’s own manufacturer.


tablet will need some pre-requisites now. Let’s go through them one step at a time:

  • look online for the best USB drivers manufactured for your tablet and then download and have them saved on your notebook for later use;
  • make lots of backups in order to salvage the data on your ViewPAD 7 after having rooted it (we tend to create the backups manually, though you can also make use of CWM Recovery or its equivalent called TWRP);
  • download the (filen ame: which goes the best with your gadget on your laptop;
  • go to your tablet’s Menu, launch Settings, select Developer Options and after that opt for the USB Debugging one to enable it for the tutorial;
  • finally, charge the gadget’s battery.Viewsonic-ViewPad-7-VS13761


On to the steps that are about to root your device.

  1. After you just downloaded the Rooting Package on your PC’s desktop, you need to make sure you’ve also saved it there and then find a tool which will aid you in extracting the package’s whole content on your laptop.
  2. As soon as you are done with this task, you can move on to the following action: plug the tablet to your notebook with its USB cable and then be sure to double-click on a package that is labelled as Superoneclick.
  3. Choose, after that is done, the following in the exploit section: rageagainstthecage. Having just done that, you will be asked to do as follows: open, on the comp’s desktop, the root app and a whole bunch of various prompts are going to make their sudden appearance on the display. So go ahead and follow them in order to achieve your goal.

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NOTE: The ViewPad 7 VS13761 is now fully rooted. Not convinced of this? Then download, from a short visit at Google Play Store, this app: Root Checker. Now that you are 100% sure that your gadget is rooted, it’s advisable to go and explore what the procedure can do for your Viewsonic VS13761.

Here is some of that stuff: download and then freely use root-only apps on the device, make sure you have no bloatware on it and delete all the unusable official firmware on the tablet and so on. All in all, the rooting of your tablet will certainly improve its general performance loads. And you’ll discover a much improved experience for real!