How to Root Sony Xperia Z1 with One-click Root solution

One-click Root solution has to be used if you are after a way to fully root your Sony Xperia Z1. Now that you know what we will employ for this post, your duties are clear: after you make sure your device is fully prepared for the tutorial, you must follow the rooting steps we shall present to you after the initial requirements.


promised, we give you these pre-requisites:

  • make a backup to fully protect your handset against data loss after the update’s been achieved;
  • charge your smartphone’s battery;
  • turn on USB Debugging on your smartphone by opening Settings, selecting Applications, clicking on Development and then selecting the USB Debugging option;
  • go to both your laptop and the Z1, then on each of these devices be sure to go to the antivirus software (and all the other various security programs your phone and your notebook use);
  • even if you come across the Chinese menu and root program, you won’t need a dictionary, because we will help along the way;
  • download, on the laptop, of your smartphone.

Expect the following fact: your device’s warranty is going to disappear from it once the process of rooting is over. You will get it back if you unroot the Xperia Z1 with the right guide or if you upgrade the device via an official Android version coming in the near future. Sony-Xperia-Z1

Another solution to have the warranty back is this one: downgrade your handset to stock Android JB firmware. What to look forward to after the procedure is completed?

Some examples: the installation of root-only apps, the possibility to unlock the phone’s bootloader and flash a custom kernel on it and so on.


We’re now finally done with the first stage of the tutorial. The second one is about to begin.

  1. Here is what’s on the menu for the first step: launch the root app you had to install on your notebook, then close adb.exe when you are asked after waiting a matter of seconds.
  2. Now plug the Z1 to the notebook and launch the root firmware again, after which you should wait for a font in red to appear on the left corner of the screen; this font will read something along the lines of “your device is not rooted”.
  3. When you see that specific message, you will have to click on a green key situated on the display’s right corner (its bottom to be more specific); this operation is sure to begin the rooting of the device. Now wait for the procedure to end and, once that happens, this should come on the display:

    “Congratulations, rooting was successful”

    [sc name=”banner-jos”]The message will be shown in Chinese, like we said.

  4. Click again on the green key to obtain permission to root the phone, then wait for a font colored in blue.

When you see it, you should know that the Xperia Z1 is now rooted.

After you are successfully done with our short tutorial, prepare to enjoy the rooting advantages we presented in the beginning of the guide.