Root Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini I8190 to XXALJL Android 4.1.1

Galaxy S3 Mini I8190 is the name of Samsung’s newest addition to their line of smartphones. You can already buy it if you want the small version of the very popular Galaxy S3. We just came across the perfect way to root it.

The instrument to allow this is a prerooted version of the stock firmware which is helped by ODIN. They both will install the Android 4.1.1 JB XXALJL on your handset. Even if it means that the warranty will no longer be there at the end of the procedure.

To be sure that everything goes well, you must install the appropriate USB drivers for this particular phone, then you must perform a connection between the PC and the phone.

Next: you must initiate the installation process of the XXALJL Android 4.1.1 firmware. Don’t forget to
perform a full backup
. This needs to be made of the data without which you won’t be able to live after the rooting finishes.

You now need to see if your Galaxy S3 Mini I8190 is unlocked. Then charge its battery to the fullest. Finally: activate the USB debugging.Galaxy-S3-Mini-I8190

The method we used to root this smartphone can be found below.

Important instructions

  1. First step looks like this: after you download the on your PC. You need to unzip the file then download the ODIN archive.
  2. The second step needs you to do the following: shut down the phone, then access the Download Mode. For that, you must select the Volume Down and Home keys at the same time, for about 5 seconds.
  3. Step 3 tells you to select the Power button afterwards. Once you do that, the triangle and the Droid logo will appear on the touchscreen.
  4. For step number 4 you have to press Power. This way you are going to access the Download Mode once again. Next up you are required to execute the ODIN application on your laptop. After Odin starts, perform a connection between the phone (in Download Mode) and the laptop used for this operation.
  5. [sc name=”banner-jos”]Step 5: should you see the COM number and the ID:COM colors changing to yellow, the both devices are connected. Choose the files necessary for a successful installation process on the Mini I8190. While here, tap on PDA, opt for the file where you will see the CODE and then click on Phone.
  6. Step 6: choose the Modem file (or a very similar name); if it’s not there, leave this step and concentrate on tapping on CSC.
  7. Step 7: select the CSC file (or a very similar name) then select the PIT option. Again, if the CSC file is nowhere in sight, move on.
  8. For step 8 you need to select the .pit file. Don’t perform this action if this particular file does not exist.
  9. Step number 9 asks you to access the ODIN interface and check the following 2: Auto Reboot and F. Reset Time. A word of warning here: verify the entire Re-Partition just if the .pit file was chosen for step 8. When you’re done, select the Start option.
  10. Step 10: the installation process will continue, then, in the ens, the Galaxy S3 Mini I8190 will reboot. You will see the home screen, meaning that the time has come to unplug the USB cord from the PC.

To see if everything went according to plan, you need to do as follows: access the Menu, then Settings, and finally tap on About phone. Should you notice an app called SuperSU, then it’s all good.