Root Samsung Galaxy Precedent (One-Click Method)

If you are a total fan of Samsung, but can’t really afford the company’s more expensive smartphones, then you can try their Galaxy Precedent. Should you already have it, then you are most likely wondering how to root it, are we right or are we right?

If we are, great, let us discuss the best way to do that. Which is called One-Click Method. So welcome aboard our newest tutorial. Be warned of the following, though: once you decide to root this handset, you won’t be able to unroot it if you don’t like what you get.

The first operation to be done before proceeding is this one: take all the crucial data on your handset and make a backup, then take a look at the battery icon on the Galaxy Precedent. If it is not fully charged, remedy the situation by plugging the device to a charger immediately.Samsung-Galaxy-Precedent

guide is made of steps that must be followed exactly how they are shown below.

Important instructions

  1. The first step can be summed up the following way: download two files, namely and Samsung Drivers (for either the or ; so you need to have a comp or a laptop using this kind of operating system) on your laptop or PC. Now comes another action: activate the USB Debugging via this simple method: go to your phone’s Settings, choose Applications afterwards, look for USB Debugging then, choose that one and see if it has a tickbox next to it. If it does, then you are required to check it.
  2. After you are done with this particular step, the one labelled number two needs you to plug the handset to the laptop that’s open on your desk right now.
  3. The third step will have you wait till the appropriate drivers needed for this method are installed. Once it finishes with this operation, you are going to be asked to unmount the internal memory card by finding Settings, then tapping on SD Card and Phone Storage and after that selecting the Unmount SD card option.
  4. In step number four you must unzip the archive into a dedicated directory and then execute the PrevailToExistence.bat (which is in the extracted folder) via the usual double click method we like to use.
  5. Step number five needs you to wait until you see some messages pop on the display of the device. They need to be followed as they are laid out.
  6. Step number six is you waiting until the Samsung Galaxy Precedent reboots, after which the handset will have finally been rooted. See if this really happened with the help of an app known as BusyBox.

Your Galaxy Precedent courtesy of Samsung is finally rooted. Enjoy!