How to Root Panasonic Toughpad FZ-A1

Not rooting your Panasonic Toughpad FZ-A1 is a bad idea. There are many safe ways of landing this tablet with root access. None more so than SRSRoot. Besides not being difficult to install, this tool’s ease of use and novelties make it a top choice for rooting your device. We’ll tell you more via the following guide.

Available for 2 years already, your gadget’s worth will increase. By rooting it, that is. As you already saw, the tool that’s used today is called SRSRoot. The tool is an app which is loaded with all kinds of necessary instruments; they all work for free on every device the app’s installed on. Using the freeware lets your tablet access the new stuff without ending up with bloatware. Security problems are not at all something to be scared of; the app has none of them. Instead, it lets you unroot the devicePanasonic-Toughpad-FZ-A1

The benefits of this method

You’re off to a great performance from a rooted Panasonic Toughpad FZ-A1. First and foremost, the battery can be improved. The tablet’s 1.2 GHz Marvell CPU won’t display slow speeds. The device will have a taste of admin and superuser permission, too. Plenty of new features, custom ROMs and root-only apps are also there for you to discover. Customization tweaks will be the next surprises. The tablet’s OS is this one: Android 4.0.3. It’s in no danger of deletion. The SRSRoot is powered by an SRS Server and it requires, for the rooting, a Build ID. You can always choose one of your own liking. The version we applied for your tablet was IML74K.V1.01L36M0000.

To root the tablet, its warranty has to be sacrificed. Never fear, a solution’s here: your gadget has to experience a guide. With its quick help, the warranty is restored at once.

Another thing should be said. If you go through an upgrade with your Panasonic Toughpad, its system partition and the root access alike are damaged. The gadget can, however, preserve the important data. The tablet’s external as well as internal SD cards are also kept safe.


The rooting needs help from these requirements:

  • there are a couple of USB drivers at this address;
  • click on the link, then download them on the notebook;
  • install the drivers on it and activate, on the tablet, USB Debugging;
  • access the tablet’s security programs and then deactivate them;
  • a backup must be created if you want to save the tablet’s crucial content;
  • a full NANDroid backup is needed, as well, so create one;
  • its security software must be kept turned off;
  • Windows should be featured on your notebook;
  • the FZ-A1 must run a charged battery.

Step by step instructions

The pre-requisites will now give way to rooting steps.

  1. A first task needs to be completed. It advises you to search for the SRSRoot. Its exact location is available on this website. The download button on it is very important; as such, click on it.
  2. The rooting freeware is going to be downloaded on the notebook in the next few minutes; wait for it to end. Moving on, install, on your notebook, this rooting app. Once the flashing is terminated, you need to open it on that same product.
  3. Tap the following options on your tablet: Menu, Settings and Unknown Sources. Don’t see the latter anywhere? That’s because it’s under Settings.
  4. As for this next step, you will have to check whether or not this option’s been enabled: USB Debugging. If it has been turned on, let it be and move on; but if it’s still disabled, activate it. The tablet must now enter a plugging with your notebook.
  5. This is where your tablet’s USB cord becomes useful; by using it, the devices will establish that necessary connection phase. After you see them connected to each other, the rooting will have to commence. Activate the process using the following method: turn on Root Device (All Methods).
  6. That done, another round of waiting is compulsory. The rooting should take somewhere around 15 minutes. Your Panasonic Toughpad FZ-A1 can experience technical difficulties here. If no sign is given that the procedure is over or more time is required for its completion, redo the steps.
  7. [sc name=”banner-jos”]This is going to smoothly solve things. But in case you have no such problems to affect you and your device, you have another step (the last one) to perform. It tells you to start the tablet again.
  8. This time, make sure to use an option which has this name: Reboot System Now. At the end of this stage, the gadget will wait for you with new stuff. It will be your chance at playing with the precious new additions.

As soon as you know what they’re all about, you may consider an unrooting. That’s why you should remember the SRSRoot. One more thing: our comment box below will offer solutions to your rooting issues.