How to Root Motorola Pro Plus MB632

It’s recommended that you provide your Motorola Pro Plus MB632 with root access. This will significantly improve it. Proof of what we’re saying is delivered in this guide.

A very good way of bringing novelties on your phone while at the same time making it move better is described in here. This tutorial exposes your smartphone to this app: SRSRoot. The novelties that get included on your device make it one of the best rooting methods. Its availability extends to every product released so far. And the root access it provides comes for free. Among the pros you’ll encounter, a faster processor and new features are important. For a phone launched 3 years ago, the Motorola Pro Plus MB632 will perform its tasks faster. It’ll keep its Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread, too. The SRSRoot works the same on every device and their various Android versions.

The benefits of this procedure

The handset’s also known as Motorola PRO+ 4G for Bell in Canada. Once the rooting app’s sitting inside it, you’ll have multiple customization options. There are numerous battery tweaks to choose from; each of them results in an improved battery life. You have the chance to play with custom ROMs and root-only apps. Following suit are the following: superuser and admin permission. 5.5.1Q-110_ELWLA-TA-28 is the name of the Build ID used for your phone’s rooting. Use it if you want to; in case you’re thinking of another one, the SRSRoot lets you use it, too. In order to safely unroot the handset, feel free to opt for the same SRSRoot. The freeware is powered by an SRS Server.Motorola-Pro-Plus-MB632

Your rooted device has to go through damage soon after it’s upgraded. In case this is the procedure you want for your phone next, know some facts first. The root access has to be wiped out; as does the root access. The very important data will stick to your handset; the same goes for the internal / external SD cards. The default warranty is revoked soon after the phone is rooted. No panic; it will be retrieved with a tutorial meant for the handset.


When dealing with a rooting, requirements are essential. Their importance is such, that you cannot obtain root access without them. These pe-requisites will essentially get these ready for the rooting: the phone and laptop. So arm yourself with both of them, then do the following:

  • launch your laptop’s browser;
  • when you’re online, click on this link;
  • after the launch of that page is done, look for USB drivers working with your Motorola Pro Plus MB632;
  • download them on the laptop;
  • the latter is where they have to be flashed, as well;
  • USB Debugging is something found on your handset;
  • be sure to have this option enabled on it;
  • then see to it that a couple of backups (or just one) are performed;
  • after you’re done with those, have a full NANDroid backup performed;
  • your laptop should contain only Windows in terms of an OS version;
  • then open the security programs on your handset;
  • disable them all;
  • launch the laptop’s security programs;
  • make sure they are also disabled;
  • the smartphone’s battery needs to be fully charged for today’s rooting.

Step by step instructions

You are now prepared to enjoy root access on your phone.

  1. The action to start the procedure is here. It states the following: get the SRSRoot downloaded on the laptop. The app’s going to reveal itself after you click on this link on the computer.
  2. That site comes with a download button you have to click on. After activating the download process, the next step will follow. This one tells you that you should install and open the rooting freeware on the laptop.
  3. You’ll have to move on to another task; which sounds as such: enable, on the phone, an option called Unknown Sources. This is something located under the device’s Settings.
  4. The activation of USB Debugging is up. This operation should not be performed if you already tapped this option. The next action to happen: enable a plugging between the laptop and your handset.
  5. Create this by use of the smartphone’s USB cord. The cable will connect the two to one another in a very short amount of time. The latter once completed, the coast will be clear for another phase.
  6. [sc name=”banner-jos”]This one needs you to perform the rooting. Here comes the action that does it: enable Root Device (All Methods). This act will take approximately 10-15 minutes. So wait.
  7. If the rooting is not nearly done in that amount of time, we have this solution: make sure the steps from before are all repeated. In case nothing disturbs the procedure, feel free to start the handset again. Like shown here: locate Reboot System Now and simply tap it.

After your Motorola Pro Plus MB632 starts all over again, you have the root access all to yourself! Make the most of the advertised benefits. And don’t forgot about the unrooting powers of SRSRoot if you ever wish to revoke the root access.

Let us know below if you have rooting problems!