How to Root Motorola ATRIX 4G MB860

You don’t know how to turn Motorola ATRIX 4G MB860 into a superior device? Your wish is about to come true if you use this guide!

Today you will introduce your phone to completely new things. With them on this model, you as a device owner will spend more time with your Motorola ATRIX 4G MB860. It’s all about root access and how SRSRoot can bring that on your phone. Launched some 3 years ago, the smartphone comes pre-installed with a bunch of specs.

One in particular is important: the dual-core 1 GHz Cortex-A9 processor. Why do we mention it first? Because it will have its usual speed made better. Another essential element on the phone is this one: an Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread. This OS variant won’t be separated from the smartphone. This is thanks to the app’s support for every Android option made available by Google.Motorola-ATRIX-4G-MB860

The benefits of this procedure

An SRS Server powers the app. The latter is also available for a free download. It is free of unnecessary or unwanted stuff otherwise known as bloatware. Unrooting a gadget is another specialty of this tool. Manu products works with the SRSRoot. This rooting method brings no security problems on your handset. A set of customization and battery tweaks is offered by the freeware. It will also add new features, superuser / admin permission and root-only apps. Custom ROMs conclude the list of this app’s novelties.

The rooting we performed on your device required a Build ID. The one we worked with was this: 4.5.2A-74_OLE-31.20. The owner of a gadget can, however, opt for the Build ID they’re most used to.

The Motorola ATRIX must experience a guide on how to retrieve the warranty. Because that’s something a rooting does: it revokes that warranty.

The handset can receive an update firmware, too. If you’re thinking of choosing one and installing it, the phone will end up with damaged stuff. The root access will suffer first; the other important element to get deleted is the system partition. The handset keeps its important content as well as the default internal / external SD safe.


You now have at your disposal some pre-requisites. They’re about to tell you how to prepare both handset and laptop for the rooting:

  • a great role is played by USB drivers which must be downloaded on your laptop from over here;
  • after having gain access to them, install the drivers on the laptop;
  • an activation of your phone’s USB Debugging is needed;
  • the phone’s important data can be saved if you back it up;
  • also, initiate the creation of a full NANDroid backup;
  • the notebook’s OS version should be Windows;
  • your laptop has security software that requires deactivation;
  • the phone comes with that, too, and it must be disabled, too;
  • then fully charge the handset.

Step by step instructions

You’ll soon be looking at a rooted Motorola ATRIX 4G MB860. Having root access is enabled by the steps we have over here.

  1. The step to start it all needs something important from you. Here is what has to happen: locate the SRSRoot app on this site. There is a download button.
  2. This button must be clicked on so that the app is downloaded on the notebook. Your notebook has to also witness the flashing of the app on it; and then it has to feature the app as launched, too.
  3. Menu, Settings and then Unknown Sources must be tapped in this order. Unknown Sources is underneath the option known as Settings.
  4. We should tell you that there’s another option to be tapped; you already know it by this name: USB Debugging. Yes, you had to tap it before; if you haven’t done as written in our requirements, activate it here.
  5. You should plug the MB860 to your notebook. Enter the two in a connection with the handset’s USB cable. After a couple of minutes are up, the connection will have been established.
  6. [sc name=”banner-jos”]Move on with this part: root the smartphone. There is a particular option that must be tapped if you want root access. Here is its name: Root Device (All Methods). There should be some waiting time after the procedure’s begun.
  7. Usually, this phase takes no more than 15 minutes. But if it isn’t done after the quarter of an hour’s up, consider repeating the steps. In case of no such incident, restart your Motorola ATRIX MB860; tap Reboot System Now for this stage.

Once the device is rebooted, you will be allowed access to the novelties you’ve been dreaming of. Let them show how important a rooting is!

In case they fail to impress you, the SRSRoot will offer a way to get out of this problem. And it will do that by removing the root access.

We added a comment section below. It is there to assist you in case of rooting issues.