How to Root Motorola ATRIX 2 MB865

Motorola ATRIX 2 MB865 is yet to behave better. To bring it on the right track, you need to root it. This phone model is one of the many devices SRSRoot supports. What is this tool and how does it help your handset? All of your questions will be answered today.

A well-rounded smartphone is one with root access. To enter yours in a rooting, this tool will be of assistance. This app comes with a whole array of stuff; it simultaneously makes it more exciting and improves it loads. You should only make sure this tutorial is followed through.

The benefits of this method

First of all, the SRSRoot is free. It lands on your handset, which is already 3 years old, smoothly. Getting in touch with it means a superior CPU; the latter’s of the dual-core 1.2 GHz Cortex-A9 variety. If you’re craving for some custom ROMs, this dedicated app gets them for you. After you make the most of them, you will have new features to turn to. Then your handset will encounter admin and superuser permission. The operating system used by the phone is this: Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread. The SRSRoot is more than fine with all of Google’s OS options.Motorola-ATRIX-2-MB865

Having root access becomes possible if you use a Build ID. The following is what we selected: 5.5.1-175_EDMR1.25. The freeware in this post isn’t going to refuse a different Build ID. By having root access on your Motorola ATRIX 2 MB865, the latter shall contain these, too: root-only apps. These aren’t the only novelties; battery tweaks are also available. The SRSRoot lets you personalize the handset, as well. To strip the phone of its root access, one can simply use the same rooting tool. Powered by an SRS Server, this useful freeware offers compatibility to loads of different devices. And you aren’t going to endure bloatware or security problems.

If you make the phone experience updating firmware, expect issues. From the start, you will have a rooted device no more. After the root access becomes revoked, your handset will lose its system partition. It doesn’t have to go through data loss. Its most important cards, the internal / external ones, are also safe from any type of harm. The warranty gets lost in the process after root access is achieved. A tutorial that concentrates on your AT&T phone shall deliver it back.


A rooting is a procedure which cannot work if there are no requirements included. The ones which should be performed for this guide instruct you to:

  • click on this link on your notebook;
  • download, on it, USB drivers from that address;
  • now install them on the same product;
  • the handset has an option called USB Debugging and it must be tapped;
  • a series of regular backups are very beneficial if you don’t want to lose the phone’s data;
  • a full NANDroid backup is another important asset, so be sure to create one;
  • the only OS variant your notebook must have for the rooting is Windows;
  • every one of the default security programs inside the handset must be turned off;
  • the notebook also has those and they, too, must be deactivated;
  • we need you to fully charge your Motorola ATRIX 2.

Step by step instructions

We are ready to reveal our most important rooting steps.

  1. Begin with the first one. According to it, the SRSRoot app has to be installed and launched on the notebook. Before that can happen, the freeware must first be downloaded there.
  2. Access this page, then click on its download button. The moment you are done with all three actions, another one will follow.
  3. This task requires you to enable three options; they must be tapped one after the other, though. Menu is the first one. The second and third options are these: Settings and Unknown Sources. The third one is under the Settings-called option.
  4. Now that you’ve completed those steps, USB Debugging should be turned on. Activate it in case you haven’t done it when we told you to. The smartphone is delivered with a USB cord. Its uses are many.
  5. The one that matters here: it creates a connection between the notebook and your handset. After the products are plugged, you will have a Motorola ATRIX 2 MB865 that can be rooted.
  6. [sc name=”banner-jos”]Apply this procedure next; begin it by tapping Root Device (All Methods). The necessary time to have the phone rooted is around 15 minutes. You can experience an unsuccessful rooting.
  7. This will be signaled when you need to wait more than 15 minutes. Solving this problem is easy; all you have to do is redo the steps. Then, when this is dealt with, restart your smartphone; tap Reboot System Now to do that.

You are now invited to use the rooting privileges you have access to. Should they not be as great as you expected, try your hand at unrooting the MB865. That is something which the SRSRoot also helps with.