How to Root LG Spectrum 2 4G VS930

LG Spectrum 2 4G VS930 comes after a successful first Spectrum model released one year ago. The specifications of this new smartphone have obviously been upgraded to satisfy new needs. The operating system, for one, is no longer Android Gingerbread, but Android Ice Cream Sandwich.

Then there is a 1.5 GHz Krait CPU to use for daily tasks which load faster than what the old processor of the Spectrum was capable of. But, because there was a need to experience a Spectrum 2 with more valuable additions and possibilities than the first one, a developer devised a way to have this handset rooted. We read all about his indications and created this tutorial that will help with the procedure.

What will happen after you root your VS930? The first thing: its warranty is going to go down the drain and you will have to unroot
your Spectrum 2
to get it back. Another loss which will be experienced by the smartphone: its factory settings will no longer be present on it. Again, to have access to them again, you will have to use a guide on how to unroot the model. We have provided such a tool on if you use our Search option.


To assure that your smartphone does not end in a repair shop once we are done with the guide, you have to first consider these pre-requisites: download on your laptop (which has to feature Windows), charge the battery on the Spectrum 2 and make many backups of the data which is inside it.LG-Spectrum-2-4G-VS930

Since anticipation has probably been running high by now, we will show you the steps which will root your device.

Important instructions

  1. What you need to do for the first step is to place the downloaded Root Pack and extract its files on the laptop, then enable USB debugging on the Spectrum 2.
  2. Which task should be performed next needs to happen in the following way: go to the phone’s Menu, select Settings, go for Developer option and then tap on USB debugging to easily turn it on.
  3. Your moves for the third step should go like this: plug the phone to the comp by way of the former’s USB cord, then perform a double-click on RunMe.bat, a file that was extracted to your laptop’s desktop.
  4. [sc name=”banner-jos”]After having performed the previous task, the ones you need to operate for step number four have to go in the following manner: choose the very first option in the tool; this is going to prepare your phone for the upcoming rooting process. Don’t expect it to last more than a few minutes.
  5. After the device has finished rooting, you will have to reboot it for the last step, the fifth. Now you have the freedom to see how your LG Spectrum 2 4G reacts in its rooted state. The first thing to do once the procedure is over is this: go and locate some root-only apps or custom ROMs and flash them on the VS930. After doing that, see what else your device has to show from this moment on.