How to Root LG Optimus Regard LW770

There are many things which recommend SRSRoot for LG Optimus Regard LW770. This tool is one of the best rooting materials available today. Without its presence on your phone, the latter doesn’t stand a chance at better performance!

You are looking toward a major improved phone if you root it. The method you’ll be exposed to today is SRSRoot. This tool is an app. Its benefits are more than enough to turn your phone into a changed one. All of this is done for free. The app isn’t going to function only on your device; the SRSRoot has the ability to work on every product launched thus far. Unveiled last year, your LG Optimus Regard has Android 4.0.4 on-board. No damage will be done to it; the app’s compatible with every single one of Google’s Android variants.

The benefits of this procedure

More than that, the app is powered by an SRS Server. It allows your device to last more via the many battery tweaks it brings along. Other tweaks are also delivered; this time, they make your smartphone easy to personalize. With the SRSRoot it’s all about root-only apps and new features. The rooting procedure has admin / superuser permission and custom ROMs, too. Rot-only apps will also be added on your device. The 1.2 GHz CPU which is running inside the LG Optimus Regard LW770 can move faster thanks to the new app. Viruses and bloatware won’t be a threat.LG-Optimus-Regard-LW770

Remember to perform the process with a Build ID. You are completely free to work with the one you like. We went for this version: IMM76I.

Root access isn’t all about the good stuff. The procedure can easily revoke the warranty. When you don’t know how to make room for it again, you can always use a guide. Be careful to opt for the one that’s precisely conceived for your LW770.

As with all update procedures, one that’s applied on your rooted gadget will backfire. That is, the phone’s system partitition is wiped out and the root access is revoked. Things like internal / external SD cards together with important data aren’t under damage threat.


When it comes to rooting a product, pre-requisites play a crucial role. We’re offering them right now:

  • begin by launching, on your laptop, this page on the Internet;
  • then be sure to download the USB drivers there on that device;
  • continue by install them on the laptop;
  • your handset’s USB Debugging must be enabled on it;
  • move on to the creation of backups which are meant to protect the phone’s data;
  • after doing that, you need to have a full NANDroid backup created;
  • Windows has to be your laptop’s operating system;
  • if there’s need for a fully charged battery, then do it for the phone;
  • you can now make sure to turn off, on the phone, its security programs;
  • there are also security programs on the laptop and they must also be disabled.

Step by step instructions

For now, land your laptop on this site. The device needs to feature the SRSRoot app that’s on it.

  1. For the download to work, you have a download button there that must be clicked on. Should the procedure be over, a new one has to begin. This time, make sure the app is installed and launched on the laptop.
  2. The handset comes with various options. These are the ones which matter here: Menu, Settings and Unknown Sources. All three of them have to be tapped in this order (the third one is under the second option).
  3. A fourth option should be tapped, as well; its name is USB Debugging. This part can be skipped if you enabled this option above.
  4. Coming up next: take the USB cable of your LG Optimus Regard. The thing you have to do with it is this: use it to plug the handset to your laptop. The completion of the connection will happen very soon.
  5. When it’s all done, the rooting can be performed. There’s even an option that sets the action in motion: Root Device (All Methods).
  6. Wait for the device to end its rooting. It should take about 15 minutes. A longer waiting period translates into problems. Take care of them by redoing the steps if more than 15 minutes pass and the rooting doesn’t end.
  7. [sc name=”banner-jos”]Should everything go by the book, then you can simply finish the tutorial with one last step. This is what we ask of you: take the phone and make sure you start it again.
  8. Enable this by tapping Reboot System Now. When the LG Optimus Regard LW770 is alive once more, you’ll be left with a rooted product. And this means that those novelties we spoke of are available for exploration.

You will need an unrooting method if you want to take away your device’s root access. Revoking the latter is also done through the SRSRoot app.

If you have issues affecting you throughout this procedure, lean on our comment field below.