How to Root LG Optimus Net L45C

LG Optimus Net L45C is scheduled for root access. This is a very important addition to your device. Watch as we make the procedure easy for you to follow.

There’s a lot to be gained from a rooting. Especially if you use SRSRoot. In essence, the name we just mentioned is that of an app. You aren’t asked for money in exchange for its presence on your device. This should be said about the app, too: an SRS Server powers it. Apart from turning a gadget into a rooted one, it also provides an unrooting alternative.

The advantages of this procedure

Here is more on this tool: it works without a glitch on many device brands. The one you own came out 3 years ago. Your smartphone has an Android 2.3.4 under its hood. The freeware is so great, that it can be used without damaging this OS version. The SRSRoot works the same whatever Android variant your device uses. This is the CPU of your handset: 800 MHz. Once the new app’s available on the phone, this processor will display a much improved performance.LG-Optimus-Net-L45C

After the app is installed, you’ll have many new and useful tweaks. Customization and battery ones will play a huge role. As will new features and also admin / superuser permission. Root-only apps as well as custom ROMs get delivered. A Build ID will make everything go even smoother. The SRSRoot treats you to this: it accepts numerous IDs of this type. We made good use of the following: GRJ22. The rooting doesn’t torment your phone with bugs or bloatware.

You will, however, suffer through damage if you let your handset be updated. Such a procedure will erase the system partition and revoke the device’s root access. The data saved on the smartphone doesn’t get deleted from it. Also exempt from damage are these: internal and external SD cards.

Rooting the phone means the loss of its warranty. You’re expected to use a guide if you want it back.


The guidelines below need to be performed for the next few minutes:

  • this is where you will come upon USB drivers fit for your handset, so be sure to click on this link;
  • they are to be downloaded and installed on your laptop;
  • your LG Optimus Net needs to be used with an activated USB Debugging;
  • your laptop must have the entirety of the security programs deactivated for the rooting;
  • be sure to secure a full NANDroid backup;
  • the laptop’s operating system must be Windows;
  • the important data on the LG Optimus Net L45C needs to experience one or more regular backups;
  • then there’s the security programs inside the smartphone that must also be turned off;
  • the battery of your handset is to be fully charged.

Step by step instructions

You are going to need a certain number of steps if you want to root the phone. They are as follows!

  1. Start the download of the SRSRoot on the laptop. Discover this app by accessing, on your laptop, the following site. You can do this next: begin the download after a special button is clicked.
  2. Continue the guide with the installation and launch of the app on your laptop. The smartphone holds a certain number of options.
  3. The ones we’re interested in are Menu and after that Settings. Third on the list is Unknown Sources. Turn it on, as well; do that after you locate it by taking a look under Settings.
  4. USB Debugging should sound familiar. It’s that option our pre-requisites spoke of. As such, if you enabled it before now, no need to do it again. Instead, focus on providing, with the handset’s USB cable, a plugging between this device and the laptop.
  5. Once you’ve accomplished the task of generating a connection, the rooting will be the next thing to perform. In order to be able to start this crucial procedure, we need this from you: activate Root Device (All Methods).
  6. [sc name=”banner-jos”]Generally, when your LG Optimus Net has to do with a rooting, you have to let things happen on their own. The procedure can be done in 10-15 minutes. However, it’s possible that you need to redo the steps if you wait longer.
  7. It is also possible that the rooting doesn’t pose issues. In that case, restart the LG L45C . Reboot System Now is there to be enabled for this last task. Now that you are over the longest part, you can finally breathe easier. You’re just about to use the device in new and exciting ways.

But the root access can feel underwhelming. You have, in such a scenario, the SRSRoot to revoke that access with. Also, make sure you direct your questions to the comment field below.