How to Root Galaxy Stratosphere II SCH-I415

Galaxy Stratosphere II SCH-I415 is the next smartphone we will help you root. If you don’t know what method is the best for your device, we have a very good one. More to follow below.

For the rooting of your phone you’ll get accustomed to this very helpful app: SRSRoot. It works very well with the Samsung SCH-I415. It won’t cost you a thing to download it. And after it’s installed on your smartphone, you’ll finally gain full access to not only one, but several new things.

On top of everything else, this tool that easily roots your handset is available for all sorts of Android versions. In the case of this model, the OS version is this: Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich. Which will still be available after you have a rooted device. The Build ID we selected for this particular phone was IMM76D.I415VRALJ2.

The benefits of this method

Your smartphone’s release date was 2012. It is also known under these names: Samsung SCH-I415 and Galaxy Stratosphere 2. But your handset won’t feel as if it were 2 years old. For one, its dual-core 1.2 GHz Krait processor will receive a makeover which will make it run faster. Then there’s its battery life, which will get much better. As always with the SRSRoot app, your smartphone will encounter a much better performance overall.

This superior performance is doubled by the fact that there will be a lot of new goodies to choose from. These novelties aren’t limited to new features or new apps (particularly root-only applications). This tool brings custom ROMs and customization options, too. Superuser and admin permission conclude the generous list of new stuff to expect from a rooted device.Galaxy-Stratosphere-II-SCH-I415

To unroot the same phone, you can always use the same tool which helped root it. Moreover, today’s SRSRoot app works with many brands and it’s powered by an SRS Server.

In order to receive all of these goodies, your handset’s about to lose certain important parts of itself. The warranty is going to be the first one to be revoked. Then there’s the matter of updating your device. If you should ever go this route, expect to lose the phone’s root access and system partition. The smartphone’s important content isn’t going to suffer damage. This is also true about the device’s internal and external SD cards.


You’ll have to experience some of the following requirements now:

  • be sure that your phone’s data is saved with various standard backups;
  • then remember to always create a full NANDroid backup via these instructions;
  • the notebook you’re using should be running only Windows;
  • the security prograns already installed on your laptop have to be turned off until the rooting’s completed;
  • check the battery of your phone;
  • should its charge levels be low, perform a recharge for your Galaxy Stratosphere II SCH-I415;
  • download, on the laptop, USB drivers for this handset;
  • turn on the handset’s USB Debugging;
  • have the notebook’s security software deactivated as well.

Step by step instructions

  1. Begin the guide with this step: download, from here, the SRSRoot app on your notebook. Install it there, then have it launched.
  2. After you do as instructed, tap both Menu and Settings on the handset. Under Settings you will come across a third option.
  3. Its name is Unknown Sources. After you tap it, go to USB Debugging and, if you haven’t done so already, activate it.
  4. With the aid of your handset’s USB cable, make sure a connection is established between this device and the laptop. When it is, time for the most important step.
  5. Which is the beginning of the actual rooting stage. For this step, go for Root Device (All Methods) and tap it. Don’t move on until you see that the rooting is over.
  6. [sc name=”banner-jos”]When it is after you’ve waited no more than 10-15 minutes, you will be left with this final step: restart the Galaxy Stratosphere II SCH-I415.
  7. As soon as the phone’s come back to life via Reboot System, you are free to see what this new status means for your phone.

You can experience disappointment with the rooting. If this situation should appear at some point, you’re left with this option: unroot the handset. As mentioned, you’ll find that this app works as an unrooting tool, too.

If there’s something bad happening during this tutorial, we have a comment box for your questions. It’s right under this guide.