Root Galaxy S4 SPH-L720 on Jelly Bean 4.2.2 VPUAMF9 Official Firmware

Your Galaxy S4 (Sprint) SPH-L720 has just been updated
to VPUAMF9 Jelly Bean 4.2.2 based firmware
if you followed this tutorial on our site. Now we come and tell you that you can root this smartphone if so you wish.

Rooting is an action which we fully endorse. That’s because it means the following: your handset will no longer miss out on special features, customizing options, a much longer battery and so on. So give the guide we have here a try and you will see soon that we are right.

And be aware of this: the phone can be unrooted anytime you feel like it. Especially since the device’s warranty will go away at the end of the guide, so you will want to unroot the model if you want that back right away; or you can just use Triangle Away to take care of the missing warranty.


But before you come to the conclusion that you should do an unrooting, here are the requirements we ask of you before you officially root your smartphone with CF-Auto-Root:

  • turn on USB Debugging, as usual;
  • charge the phone’s battery;
  • use your Galaxy S4 L720 from Sprint and only this model;
  • create many backups of the important data which your handset carries around;
  • find USB Drivers fit for the phone and install them right away on your personal comp (you must use this link).Sprint-Galaxy-S4-SPH-L720


  1. What we ask of you to do for the first step of this tutorial: and Odin tool v3.07 on your PC (from this place).
  2. If you are done with the first step, the one to follow it comes with these instructions: unzip both the Odin and the rooting package with a dedicated tool and then power your phone off.
  3. Next tasks to be performed: enter the Galaxy S4 SPH-L720 into the mode universally called Download Mode by pressing + holding Volume Down, Home and Power at the same time; once “!” and Android logo are right there on the screen, press Volume Up and you are ready for the step below.
  4. This one has the following prompts in store for you: come back to your laptop and then open the Odin as Admin on it. This actions done, you need to continue by plugging the smartphone to your notebook and then waiting for an ID:COM box to become yellow or for “Added!” to land somewhere on the display; if they do not, do one of the following:
    • use a USB port that is different;
    • re-install the USB drivers.
  5. Odin is where you need to remain for this next task: search for PDA, tap it, then opt for CF-Auto-Root .tar.md5 file and opt for F. Reset Time and Auto Reboot; in case you spot the Re-partition box being checked, uncheck it.
  6. [sc name=”banner-jos”]Now click on the option called START and the flashing of the rooting firmware shall debut in a few seconds. The Galaxy S4 L720 will, after the firmware has found a place on it, start again. Then it will swiftly display PASS and a green background tagging along, so do yourself a favor and disconnect the devices from each other afterwards.

If your Samsung L720 powered by Jelly Bean 4.2.2 VPUAMF9 firmware has root access or not is something which only Root Checker will tell you about. The app is easy to download from Google Marketplace.

Now that your device has acquired root possibilities, you should take full advantage of that by looking for custom ROMs and apps which need root access to show you what they’re all about.