Top 10 Android Apps for 2012

Smartphones and tablets are not complete without apps. The latter are great tools if you want to, say, know the temperature in a certain town or convert dollars to euros and so on. So today we will talk about the best 10 Android applications for 2012.

File Explorer

ES File Explorer – File Manager is another very helpful app and it costs nothing. Among its many advantages is the fact that it allows you to use the desktop to access the phone interface. It also able to compress files, to install different applications and many more things. Root access support is available, too. No matter the kind of Android operating system your phone uses, this app will still work. There is support for a total of 24 languages. Whatever file you have on your handset, this app will help you edit it, launch it and so on. You can download this application .

Easy Voice Recorder

Easy Voice Recorder comes in 2 versions: one for which you have to pay and one for which you don’t. This app is one of the fastest and easiest tools to use from our top 10 apps in 2012. It works very well if you need to record an interview, a memo to remind yourself to do something later and other situations. After you record all of the above, you can play them back. Sound quality is from great to average, depending on how you choose to control the quality to space ratio. You can download the Easy Voice Recorder .


Netflix allows the user to watch a movie on a laptop and then on a smartphone if you have to leave the laptop behind. It is a free app. However, you will need to pay if you want to watch a lot of movies. The number of countries where you can use this app is limited to the following: UK, USA, Latin America, Ireland and

Android users who wish to measure distance, height, width, length and so on should use an app called Smart tools. It costs $2.50 and you can find it .

Chrome for Android

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The next app on our list is called Chrome web browser. It is a great tool if you want to quickly look up something on the World Wide Web. After you , you will notice that one of its best features is the fact that it lets the user sign in to his or her Chrome account easily. It’s a very fast app. A Privacy mode is also present. Moreover, you won’t need a lot of time to get used to it, because it’s very easy to employ tool. It also gives you the possibility to synchronize the extensions and the files between PC and the phone and so on.

Any.DO To Do List | Task List

Any.DO To Do List | Task List is an app that also caught our eye. It’s available . It is capable of planning a birthday for you, making a grocery list, all these things by predicting the words you want to type at any given moment. It features voice recognition and supports Google Task.


If, however, you want to use your browser to control an device powered by Android, try an app labeled AirDroid. A couple of its features are only compatible with handsets that were rooted. To gain access to this application, you must visit the website; next: open the app on your phone. After you’re done, you have 2 options: introduce the code generated by the application itself or simply use the device camera to scan the generated QR Code. You won’t have to pay anything for this application.

and you’ll get it there. The role of AirDroid is to help the user to take the control and to be able to perform different tasks. You can use it to delete/move files, to copy files or to change data between PC and tablet. But keep in mind that if your laptop and phone use different networks, this application will refuse to work. And that’s not all. AirDroid is also able to tell you which is the level of battery or can provide you important data about the processor or device’s memory among many other useful things.

Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher is another great software from our top ten Android applications. It works even if your smartphone uses the Android Jelly Bean OS. If you decide to download it, we recommend you get the Prime version. Even if it isn’t free of charge, it’s superior to the Free option. Go : Its creator made it so that Android users can perform changes of the homescreens on their devices.


Our next stop is an application going by the name of Tasker. It has a price of $6.49 . It helps edit pics, launches apps at a designed time, automatically modifies almost all the parts of the phone/tablet you use and so on.

SwiftKey 3 Keyboard

SwiftKey 3 Keyboard is the sort of app that also comes in two variants: free and paid. As usual, the paid one has nice extra features. The pro of this app is the following: if you want to type faster, this tool is able to learn a language and the words in it. As a consequence, you won’t waste tons of minutes on writing your essays, comments on a site and so on. What is more, this app is able to provide full support for a lot of keyboard layouts. A total of 50 languages are supported, too. You can .


The last app in our collection is called QuickPic. As with all the other apps so far, it’s . It is a tool that is completely free to download. If you find a wallpaper that looks bad on your phone or tablet, you can make it look HD. QuickPic also features tools that make a photo look smaller, it helps hide a folder and so on. It works with the Jelly Bean OS, too.