6 Solutions To Not Receiving Group Texts On Android

Sometimes you could love to chat with multiple people simultaneously, and you could achieve this by sending a single message to many recipients. Your Android smartphone will send a single message instead of several messages. To send a group message, your phone could breakdown the message into multimedia even if you have not attached a video or picture.

Here is how you can quickly fix the problem of not receiving group texts on Android;

  1. Go to the main screen of your messaging app
  2. Tap the menu icon (3 vertical dots sign)
  3. Tap Settings
  4. Under Group Messaging, enable MMS.

fixing not receiving group texts android


Sometimes you might find problems sending the multimedia, and you should check your setting when not receiving group texts or when unable to send the message. With a group text, the android phone would keep the replies on a single thread instead of sending it to them as single messages. This MMS message could incur costs that might show up on your utility bill.

Reasons why you are not receiving group texts on Android

  1. When you have settings on the phone about group messaging disabled, it can be difficult to send and receive group messages. Your device allows you to either disable or enable the group messages, and it could be prudent to enable the group messaging on the android phone for it to convert the message into a group message and send it to many recipients.
  2. Your phone could be running on obsolete software, making it difficult to send and receive the group message. Some of the previous android software could not send group messages, which could be the problem with your phone. When buying a phone, you should check that the software can allow you to send or receive a group message.
  3. Some phones might need extra data to send a group message, and additional charges could be incurred when sending a group message. The group message could need more data as the message is being sent to multiple people, and it could require more than standard charges to send a single message to many people.

Solutions for not receiving group texts on Android

  1. You may have to enable the group messaging settings on your phone if you have to send group texts to many individuals. You could follow the group-message android instructions which apply to your phone. You ought to ensure that the settings are in your preferred language and that you understand it clearly. Most phones could require that you enable the icon for group messages.The procedure to enable group messaging on your android phone is on the messaging app, and you have to tap on the menu key on the bottom of the phone.By tapping the settings icon on the message, you will see the group message icon on the menu. If the group messaging is not on the first menu, it could be on the SMS or the MMS menus.
  2. Ensure that your phone is running on the latest software that allows you to send a group message. You could upgrade the software or go for a newer phone if the one you have does not support group messages.
  3. Your group charges could require more costs to send a single group message since you could be sending it to many people, and it could be better to consider when sending a group text. Take care of the costs required to send a group text first before sending the message.
  4. If the problem persists after taking the above recommendations into practice, it could be better to clear the cache and the data of your messaging text app on the application manager. Too much cache could make it difficult to send a message as it could be causing too much unnecessary delays on message encoding and decoding.
  5. You could also start your phone safely and check if you can send a group chat while in the safe mode. If your phone can send a group message while on the safe mode, the problem could be caused by a third party that you could have downloaded, and it could help if you knew which app is causing the issue.
  6. Clearing the cache partition of the phone during the recovery process could also help your phone start sending the data. When you decide to make a phone data recovery, it could be better to do a factory resetting, which helps solve the problem.

How do you turn on group messaging on Android?

On Android, you could go to the message settings and tap on the group messages icon. Here you check if the group messaging icon is enabled or not. If it is disabled, you might have to enable it so that you can send group chats effortlessly.

Why is your phone not receiving MMS messages?

MMS might have additional charges as you could be sending extensive data such as videos or photos, and if a sender does not have the fund to cover the costs, they might have a hard time sending an MMS. Some phones also might not be fully configured to send MMS automatically, and it could be upon the user to enable the phone to send an MMS.

Why are you not getting texts from Android phones?

Some android phones could have app-related problems that could make it difficult to send messages. By clearing the cache on the messaging app on the application manager, you could enable the sending and receiving messages on your android phone. If you lost old software during the update process, you may have to backup data and do a resetting on your phone to enable messaging.


-How do I fix the issue of my Android not receiving texts?

You can update the software on your Android to receive texts, and you could first backup data before doing a resetting on the phone

-Why is my Samsung not receiving texts from iPhones?

It could be a network issue, or your phone could be having issues with outdated software

-Why can’t I get iPhone texts on my Android?

This could result from iMessage problems.

-Why is my Samsung not receiving texts?

Your Samsung could be using old and outdated software that needs resetting to receive messages. You could also have a faulty message app.


Your phone might not receive group texts on Android, which might be attributed to a faulty messaging app. You might also face issues with sending group texts if you do not have the money to cover for the cost of the group message. It could also help if you enable the group text icon on the messaging app to send group texts effortlessly.